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    The writing on the wall

    Engaging in interesting conversation is always a high point of my week. A good friend stopped by the office and we talked about, among other things, my favorite subject—grandchildren. Specifically, we talked about how intelligent young people are today, compared to the knowledge that we had...


    It’s all in how you look at it

    For those of us who don’t spend a lot of time looking at stuff on social media outlets such as Facebook, a very interesting post may have escaped us. A mother recently posted that she was discussing her 5-year-old’s wild hair with him.


    After wood-splitting incident, doctor’s orders: Take it easy

    One activity columnist David Coffelt won’t miss: Saturday’s Monopoly tournament for scholarships.


    Just imagine a day without immigrants

    In case you missed it, Feb. 17 of this year was a Day Without Immigrants. Apparently the purpose of the day was to call attention to all the foreign-borne folks in our nation. I don’t know how many people in our country are immigrants, but I read somewhere that there about 40 million or so.


    I’m for the responsible party, for everyone

    This election had me down. I can’t count how many times I told my friends, “No matter which Presidential candidate I vote for, I’ll feel like taking a shower afterward.” This holds true for some of the other candidates, too.


    Stubborn, and proud of it

    During our Bible study at church last Sunday, we were being admonished to not be stubborn or proud. Of course, I’m always in the “Amen! Pew” and heartily agreed with what the pastor was saying.


    Community member proposes working together to pay off school district meal debt

    The Harrisonville School District is about $23,000 in debt due to overcharges from student meal accounts. Tad Snell of Harrisonville proposes bringing businesses, leaders and community members together to work toward a solution.


    A bit of advice for conservatives and liberals

    During the course of my lifetime, I have had several opportunities to offer advice: some has even been solicited. I rather enjoy reminding people that I am in the title business, not the advice-giving business. You will never see a column from me along the lines of Miss Manners or Dear Abby. I am...


    We can’t just sit here until we die

    I remember while I was in junior high school, I tried out for the basketball team.


    Tenure has its place at universities

    State Rep. Rick Brattin, R-Harrisonville has introduced Missouri bill HB266 in the Missouri State Legislature.

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