Center for Creative Growth and Healing opens doors

May 11, 2012 

The City of Raymore and The Raymore Chamber of Commerce held a grant opening ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Center for Creative Growth and Healing April 26.

The center first opened three years ago in Raymore’s Pine Street Center before relocating in February to its new, larger facility, with an eye on eventually conducting workshops and group therapy in a relaxed, soothing environment. The center’s owner, Laura Aube, is a board-certified art therapist and licensed professional counselor with 20 years of experience.

Aube specializes in counseling both families and children as young as three-years-old, with an emphasis in grief and loss, and recovering from traumatic experiences. She also works with anger management as well as people who struggle with depression and anxiety.

According to Aube, art therapy is a marriage between art and psychology that helps patients discover their own visual vocabulary.

“Art therapy is a unique field,” Aube said. “Adults enjoy using the art as part of their therapy process because it allows them to gain insight into themselves in a new way by going beyond the intellect and allowing them to access their intuition. With children who have limited vocabulary and life experiences, the art gives them another avenue to express their feelings and share their experience. Often, what is distressing children the most will emerge in their art.”

She adds that patients need not be artistically inclined to utilize art therapy, which can incorporate a variety of mediums, including paints, drawing, collage work and clay. Both traditional vocal therapy and art therapy can be a part of the healing process. The art therapy is introduced when it is therapeutically implicated and patients are empowered to pursue their process in the way that feels right to them.

Located at 207 S. Washington Street, the Center for Creative Growth and Healing is on several insurance panels and sees patients by appointment only Monday through Friday, offering extended hours one evening a week and one to two Saturdays a month.

For more information, call 816-359-1885 or visit

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