BCED honors Belton biz

Ruiz thanks businesses for their time, volunteer efforts

July 6, 2012 

The Belton Corporation Economic Development held their annual awards luncheon June 28 at Carnegie Village.

Businesses honored included Belton Regional Medical Center, Hy-Vee Grocery, and Whistle Stop Antiques.

“I always enjoy the surprise and the joy of recognizing people who really deserve it,” said Art Ruiz, executive director of the BCED. “A lot of folks are taken for granted and I think that on occasion that we should recognize these people who work hard for the community. They don’t do it for personal interest, they do it for their love of their community, and I think they deserved to be recognized for that.”

Belton Regional Medical Center CEO Todd Krass accepted the award for the hospital.

“It’s a real pleasure to be here today and accept this award,” he said. “Those of you who are watching development happen in Belton, I’m real excited because it just seems like with the mayor’s leadership and everybody getting involved behind what’s going on, we are really moving the needle.”

Belton City Manager Ron Trivitt received the PRIDE award, which is an acronym for “Professional responsibility in developing excellence.”

Trivitt was unable to accept the award in person, so Mayor Jimmy Odom accepted it on his behalf.

“He’s a great guy to work with,” Odom said. “I learned early on when I would go to other city meetings and we’d sit down and talk about our city managers and administrators, a lot of of other cities really looked to Ron Trivitt to answer questions.”

Danny Powell, who is leaving the economic board this year, was also honored with a placque for his service from Ruiz.

“Danny was a catalyst in getting the Metropolitan Community Colleges to come to Belton,” Powell said. “Danny had the relationship with them previously when they were going to Harrisonville, and he led the charge to put it on the ballot. They voted it down and much to our benefit, I was able to recruit Danny to come to the board of directors and he worked diligently to use his contacts within MCC and get them to commit to come to Belton.”

Ruiz said the recipients were selected in part of their commitment to volunteerism.

“They do a lot of volunteering of their time,” he said. “Time, to me, is one of the most valuable commodities anyone has. They give us their time and their ideas, and that’s worthwhile for us.”

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