Voters’ voice will get even louder

August 10, 2012 

The primary election always brings out the die-hard voters.

Forcing us to pick a color and stick with it, as it were, makes us look long and hard at the choices we have to make on the ballot.

In Cass County, the vast majority of those choices were on the Republican side of the ticket, which isn’t surprising.

Some Democrats may have a tall order in this upcoming general election, Nov. 6. And I am not just talking about the guy bucking for a second term in the White House.

While I have seen some very red counties vote for Democrats in sheriff and county commissioner seats in Iowa, it will be interesting to see how the votes fall here in less than three months.

Doug Catron earned almost 5,000 less votes in the primary than incumbent Sheriff Dwight Diehl.

While election gurus may say that means nothing, that is a wide gap to overcome. And, of course, the way to do it is to drive voter turnout and distinguish yourself from your opponent as often as you possibly can.

In Cass County, higher voter turnout may favor the Republicans, though.

Please know I am not saying electing a Democrat over a sitting Republican is impossible. It’s not, and we’ve seen it happen.

The gaggle of elephants who wanted to take on Luke Scavuzzo, though, may end up having a tougher go of it.

Scavuzzo is a popular Democrat in the land of Cass County conservatives. And the winner, Jim Hoke, survived what seemed to be an already lengthy election season to get that opportunity in November.

The thing with November is, Republicans (and Democrats) can cross the aisle and vote how they wish.

That may happen in the North Commissioner race, too, as Phil Duncan goes against Jimmy Odom.

An equally interesting battle for Presiding Commissioner was decided well before this week, though, with Terry Wilson slated to take on Jeff Cox.

If any race can break through the barrier of party lines, these three commissioner seats may just be it.

All six of these candidates have a challenging 90 days ahead of them, visiting the corners of the county, keeping the focus on local issues and, without the sometimes rotten nature of partisan politics, telling voters why they are the best candidate.

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