Letter to the Editor

August 24, 2012 

Dear Editor:

I believe there are good and honest people in various political parties. There are also people in the various political parties that are given political party for their own self-serving ends. Be it power, money, ego, or any number of vices, and choose a party based on which will best serve their own interest and not ours. When we blindly follow one party, only, we are guilty of a form of prejudice, that allows us to not make decisions individually on the quality of that particular person. But to simply, but then corporately into a basket that we accept or reject. This is a grievous error and disservice to our country as citizens.

We have the ability in this country to choose, quote “news sources” that pander to and support any point of view that we choose to believe. Many of these sources propagate a certain viewpoint because it sells advertisement and makes money for them not because it is the truth. Truth has to be honestly and diligently searched for. It’s not an easy task.

Let us as citizens be honest, diligent, and without prejudice in the search for honest and wise candidates for office.

Wayne Fredrickson


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