I am still eating eggs

jbeaudoin@demo-mo.comAugust 31, 2012 

The news out of Somewhere, U.S.A. a few weeks ago was staggering: eggs are as bad for you as smoking.

I wanted to be devastated by the news.

After all, I really don’t know what my weekend would be like without my bacon and eggs.

I even scramble up an egg (just one) for my daughter on occasion. Now I find out I may as well be handing her a pack of Marlboro Reds.

What kind of father was I turning into, giving my little angel an egg?

After some serious reflection, I decided I would treat this latest health report the same way I have the rest – ignore it.

While I have nothing but the utmost respect for the Journal Atherosclerosis, I think I will pass on this particular study. One finding was that people that ate the most eggs were the ones with the worst arteries.

They had to pay someone to find that out?

When you really drill down, ABC News reports that the study focused on people that already have blocked arteries.

Well, OK, sure. If those people are shoving a dozen eggs a week in their body (in between cigarettes), yes, I can see the problem.

Those that exercise and maintain a healthy weight didn’t seem to be adversely affected by enjoying the occasional egg in all its wonderment.

The “study” also tells us an egg a day, and no more than four a week, are acceptable in healthy people.

This report only surveyed 1,200 people and they were all over 40. So for those of us that haven’t reached that pinnacle, go ahead and fry, poach, or in any other way you want, prepare and indulge in your eggs.

Because the health police won’t stop here, that’s for certain.

Expect another study out next week that claims a bottle of red wine and nine strips of bacon could lead to restless leg syndrome.

There goes my weekend plans.

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