HHS honors academic achievement

September 21, 2012 

Over 200 Harrisonville High School students were honored for their academic achievement at an assembly Aug. 28. The Excellence in Academics Assembly recognized students who earned an academic letter and those who earned the Excellence in Academics medallion during the 2011-12 school year. The assembly was co-sponsored by the Harrisonville Public School Foundation and the HHS Academic Booster Club. The daytime assembly was attended by the entire HHS student body, parents, and community members.

The Foundation’s Excellence in Academics program honors students who complete the year in the top 15 percent of their class. Those students receive the Excellence in Academics medallion.

Those first year recipients of the Excellence in Academics honor were Casey Ambrozi, Hannah Baggenstoss, Hannah Bennett, Jordan Bostic, Sarah Cass, Douglas Croy, Madison Dahn, Anna DeVenney, Abbie Doerhoff, Sarah Doubledee, Walter Eastwood, Jacob Erwin, Chelsea Gibbs, Laura Hamilton, Sherman Hartzler, Sydney Hoffman, Alexandra Holden, Justin Honderick, Abbey Huston, Kayla Johnson, Rebecca Kanies, Jonathan Kohl, John Kusmec, Aaron Laughlin, Jacob Murray, Brittany Myers, Lacey Needs, Jessica Poisal, Patricia Price, Emily Priesendorf, Brently Probasco, Joseph Puryear, Ethan Reece, Elijah Skoropat, Shayne Smither, Benjamin Spencer, Christia Stein, Ashton Taber, Bethany Travis, Ashley Underwood, Melissa Watson, Cole Welhoff, Hailey Wilson, and Kathryn Yoder.

The students earning the Excellence in Academics honor for the second year were Kaitlyn Austin, Samantha Bowers, Taylor Chancellor, Esmeralda Chavez, Matthew Cox, Zachary Davidson, Abraham Dick, Mackenzie Eisel, Kaitlin Fifer, Bayli Galeassi, Lee Hawkins, Kyle Hix, Lucas Holden, Timothy Johnico, Andrew Johnson, Brianna Kendrick, Brock Kliewer, Victoria Liera, Hannah May, Nathan Morse, Anne Mulvey, Kaitlyn Patterson, Matthew Prindle, Sophia Puryear, Maria Savage, Briana Schrock, Cody Scott, Emily Sewell, Olivia Styron, Elizabeth Tryon-Ebert, Hannah Welhoff, Kolton Wiebusch, and Dylan Young.

Third-year Excellence in Academics recipients were Anisa Alexander, Genevieve Allen, Madison Allen, Levi Anderson, Cheyenne Cox, Amanda Doerhoff, Alexa Eghbali, Maxwell Galeassi, Kaley Harkrader, Mitchell Haug, Emily Hix, Kiara Jackson, Bryant Kanies, Audrey Marshall, Mattie Moore, Lena Quinlin, Christian Roth, David Roth, Maria Sanchez, Taylor Spencer, Austin Welhoff, Amanda West, Drew Williams, and Maryna Wooten.

Those students earning academic letters, “Lamp of Learning” pins, and “Student Scholar” pins for the 2011-12 school year were honored.

Students earning a 3.5 or higher grade point average received an academic letter certificate. One hundred and ninety-six students earned a letter.

Students earning a 3.75 or higher received a “Lamp of Learning” pin in addition to their letter certificate. One hundred and eighteen students qualified for this honor.

Fifty students earned the highest honor by completing the year with a grade point average of 4.0 or higher. They received a letter certificate, “Lamp of Learning” pin, and a “Student Scholar” pin if it was the first year they had earned the honor. If they had earned the “Student Scholar” pin in a prior year, they received a bar.

Those students who earned a 4.0 or higher in 2011-12 were Anisa Alexander, Genevieve Allen, Madison Allen, Levi Anderson, Matthew Baer, Cheyenne Cox, Amanda Doerhoff, Alexa Eghbali, Max Galeassi, Kaley Harkrader, Emily Hix, Bryant Kanies, Lena Quinlin, David Roth, Cody Scott, Taylor Spencer, Austin Welhoff, Drew Williams, Maryna Wooten, Maria Sanchez, Mattie Moore, Kiara Jackson, Mitchell Haug, Audrey Marshall, Hanna May, Hannah Baggenstoss, Christian Roth, Walter Eastwood, Amanda West, Chelsea Gibbs, Mackenzie Eisel, Brianna Kendrick, Olivia Styron, Dylan Young, Samantha Bowers, Lucas Holden, Nathan Morse, Kyle Hix, Lee Hawkins, Matthew Prindle, Esmeralda Chavez, Anne Mulvey, Melissa Watson, Cole Welhoff, Jacob Murray, Jonathan Kohl, Douglas Croy, John Kusmec, Aaron Laughlin, and Brently Probasco.

Students who have scored a 30 or higher on the ACT test received certificates and will be inducted into the HHS ACT Hall of Fame. Those honorees included Drew Williams, David Roth, Anisa Alexander, Genevieve Allen, Madison Allen, Lucas Holden, Lena Quinlin, and Chris Roth.

Seven students were recognized for earning top scores on an Advanced Placement exam last spring. They were Anisa Alexander, Genevieve Allen, Jacob Davis, Emily Hix, Bryant Kanies, David Roth, and Chelsea Gibbs.

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