McCaskill, Akin height of divisive politics

September 28, 2012 

Thank God Claire McCaskill and Todd Akin had the government fight against obesity to agree upon.

If not for that hugely pressing national issue, last week’s debate at the Missouri Press Association convention in Columbia would have been nothing more than 45 minutes of bickering.

It’s good to see we can get this extreme liberal and extreme conservative to agree that the government ought to bud out of our kitchens and school lunchrooms.

Other than that, the forum was largely about slinging a little mud. We didn’t really get any closer to some concrete answers on either side.

Except for the Libertarian candidate, Jonathan Dine, who, while he wasn’t as polished a speaker as Akin or McCaskill, was still able to land a few punches and actually discuss some ideas in a clear manner. For starters, Dine says to get rid of Saturday mail for the U.S. Postal Service.

Like it or not, it’s an idea.

Akin came off as a curmudgeon, someone from way back with thinking that is far too way back.

McCaskill, well, she’s slick. Too slick. And too on guard against Akin.

Right now, the Senator is focused on her “50 percent” campaign, which is a clear sign she is (for now) intending to distance herself from President Barack Obama (although she defended, again, his healthcare plan at this forum).

If McCaskill can convince the sliver of undecided Missouri voters that she’s more “middle” than left, she still stands a good chance of winning against Akin, who is still dogged by those ignorant and uninformed “legitimate rape” comments.

You have to love Akin’s tenacity, though.

All the big-time Republicans told him to step down. He thumbed his nose at them.

And he did it again at the forum. Akin isn’t going anywhere. He’s here to stay and sock it to McCaskill for being part of the problem in Washington, D.C.

Problem is, Akin is as much of the problem.

Congress is a mess. No one can cross the aisle and do anything with anyone from the other party. It’s gridlock at its absolute lowest form.

And when that happens, we end up with a political forum where the donkeys and the elephants come to terms on one issue – keeping government away from what we eat.

And if that is all we can agree on, God help us, we’re in trouble.

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