October 12, 2012 

Dear Editor:

The November ballot will provide an opportunity to cast a positive vote for the young people in our state of Missouri.

The Healthy Missouri Initiative Petition measure will achieve two positive changes for Missouri students. First, it will raise new funds earmarked for education, with fifty percent of the tax going to public K-12 education, thirty percent going toward higher education in Missouri and the remaining twenty percent going to support smoking cessation education programs in our state. Secondly, the tax would change Missouri‘s reputation of having the lowest cigarette tax in the nation and make tobacco less affordable thus decreasing the likelihood of our youth beginning to use tobacco products.

This tax will not be popular with politicians and organizations that depend on the tobacco lobby for money to generate election funds. I’ve already seen so called pro-family groups in Missouri who are urging the defeat of this initiative. Perhaps they’ve never witnessed family members who are addicted to tobacco and spend their last dime to purchase it instead of buying necessities for their family. And perhaps they’ve never witnessed the terrible death of respiratory failure due to the use of tobacco products.

The American Cancer Society, the American Society Action Network, the Missouri State Board of Education and many other educational and health organizations have joined to initiate and support this petition. The tax increase will have a positive impact on public education and help ensure that all children continue to have access to high quality schools in Missouri.

Please vote “yes” for the Missouri Tobacco Tax Initiative.

Barbara and Larry Boucher




Dear Editor:

Nearly four years ago over 69 million voters elected Barack Obama to the office of president based on his young good looks, his eloquent speaking skills and his wonderful promises of hope and change. He had few other qualifications in his resume but America was ecstatic that this man was our savior from all despair.

Although I was not a supporter, I was willing to give this fresh face his chance to prove his leadership abilities. Now, four years later there remain 23 million Americans unemployed, the supposed 4 million jobs created and touted by the President are mostly part-time jobs or lower paying positions. In his presidency he has appointed 32 czars to do his job while he traveled, golfed, and continuously campaigned throughout his entire term.

Without a working budget the yearly deficits have ballooned by over a trillion dollars each year he has held office, our national debt is over 16 trillion dollars, and we have a new health care entitlement program that most Americans did not support and will surely bankrupt this country.

Mr. Obama has successfully pitted one American against another through class warfare instead of uniting us as one nation. He has decided which laws his administration will enforce and those it won’t (immigration) and flaunts the Constitution as he sees fit. When world leaders congregated in New York and nearly simultaneously our embassies overseas were burned, looted and our citizens were murdered he chose to ignore it all in order to campaign on David Letterman and the View. Every misstep encountered by this administration is someone else’s fault and he refuses to be held accountable.

As I look at President Obama four years later, I see a graying much older looking man that has lost that fresh face (too much golf), a man who without a teleprompter cannot successfully debate his challenger on pressing domestic issues, a man whose promises of hope and change are now empty and unfulfilled, and a man who leads a nation retreating from the battlefield with our tails tucked between our legs.

This is the man we chose to be our leader and if the polls are correct this is the man that will be our leader for four more years. Think about all of Mr. Obama’s achievements named above as you enter the poll booth in November and think about the others on the ballot who will support him if he is re-elected. Try to envision this nation in 2016 if the next four years are a reflection of the past four.

Lowell Sims

Garden City



Dear Editor:

As a Harrisonville property owner I want to commend the City Board of Aldermen on their decision to boost local home building by waiving the impact fees for the next 25 residential units. Their attempt to encourage growth will hopefully bring some benefit to the city of Harrisonville.

The city may also benefit from a similar program to encourage new businesses to locate here. New businesses will bring more people who will build new homes and pay more taxes.

It is hard to beat the rewards of living in a vibrant growth oriented community.

Ed Geither

Overland Park, Kan.

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