November 9, 2012 

Dear Editor:

I’ve read George Wheeldon’s letters now for the last two years where he calls out Vicky Hartzler’s so-called ’tea party’ representation of the 4th District.

I hate to break this to Mr. Wheeldon or Cass County conservatives but I don’t believe Vicky Hartzler is a tea party Republican.

At best she is an opportunist that is out of touch with middle-class Americans.

At worst she’s self-deluded believing her own hype that she’s a freedom fighter of our liberties.

Both scenarios, whether good intentioned or not, shows a collaborator with the political elite of the Republican establishment, who has and is benefiting a great deal financially from it.

The Hartzler’s have received agricultural subsidies totaling $775,000 in 15 years. 62 percent of farmer’s do not receive any subsidies and those that do, most receive subsidies averaging $587 year.

It is only the top 5 percent of subsidies that pertain to the extent of what the Hartzler’s have been awarded. And this is what Vicky Hartzler represents - the top 5 percent of us.

According to the 2010 Census, the average Misssouri family makes $47,000 a year. Vicky Hartzler’s agricultural subsidies from the government averages more than that at over $50,000 a year.

In my estimation, the handful of Congressmen and women that didn’t vote for the Ryan’s budget are truly the tea party folks, like Ron Paul. The Ryan’s Budget didn’t touch agricultural and oil subsidies which is corporate welfare, making the rich richer.

With this budget, as Ryan stated and Hartzler herself has publicly stated, "everything is on the table".

What we understand now is that ’everything’ includes cutting true welfare and considering taking (stealing) privately owned retirement funds and savings of the post office, railroads, etc.

But ’everything’ does not include the corporate welfare of oil and agricultural subsidies that give rich people advantage and favor over others at the expense of taxpayer’s and legitimate welfare.

Hartzler has also placed our freedoms and privacy rights on this cutting table, reinstating and extending the ’Patriot’ Act allowing the government to tap our phones, listening to our private conversations and spy on what we do, say, and spend without a search warrant until 2015.

She also voted last December, that the government can haul us out of our house without reading our rights, to name a few. If someone is truly tea party they would be defending the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our God-given freedoms, not going along with the violating of it.

This may be a Me Party, but I certainly wouldn’t call it a Tea Party.

Sharon Neff, Garden City

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