HHS students gain job experience

December 21, 2012 

Harrisonville High School students gained valuable work experience thanks to the generosity of community members. The students enrolled in the fall semester Personal Finance class participated in mock interviews with volunteers from local businesses.

Each student had a 20-minute mock interview. They were required to dress in formal work attire and were asked a series of questions an individual might see during a typical job interview. The students received immediate feedback on their interview and resume at the end of the interview.

Participating community members included Mike Prindle, Carrie Caruthers, Rhonda McKinney, Wendy Howell, David Hoffman, Chris Osterberg, Derek Pierce, Kristie Fisher, Gabe Sweitzer, Matt Moreland, Virgil Poisal, Sharon Allen, Janelle Vergouven, David Coffelt, TR Hoefle, Bob Huston, John Hofer, Kim Hubbard, Steve Croy, Cheryl Crudup, RJ Knox, Tim Soulis, Teresa Foss, Bill Weddington, Luke Shrout, Sonya McLelland and Sheryl Aston.

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