January 4, 2013 

Dear Editor:

Missouri House Rep. Rick Brattin has co-sponsored a bill that would permit teachers and administrators to carry concealed firearms in schools (H.B. 70).

This bill was filed soon after the massacre in Newtown, Conn.

As a teacher and a parent of a school-aged child, I strongly oppose this bill and hope that you will join me and others who stand in opposition to it.

The solution to gun violence in our schools is not more guns I would remind you that Neil Gardner, a 15-year veteran of the Jefferson County, Colorado, Sheriff’s Office, fired four shots at and missed Eric Harris, one of the assailants of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting.

Harris then continued with his murderous rampage.

The solution of armed guards in schools proposed by the NRA and extended to teachers and administrators in H.B. 70 would be ineffective and counterproductive — making our schools more dangerous and less conducive to learning.

Please urge your representative to reconsider and to withdraw his sponsorship of this bill.


Ron Scrogham

Kansas City

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