As Christmas wanes...

January 18, 2013 

A 2-year-old daughter has to be the ultimate focus group for Christmas toys.

After a season of commercials, one that felt like it started back in August or so, and months of Addy getting way too excited when she would point to the TV and declare “I want!” things have finally settled down.

The September birthday toys long forgotten, Addy is clearly favoring some toys over others now that the Christmas tree is recycled the decorations are back in the totes for another 11 months.

“Ho-ho all gone?”

“Yes, sweetie. Ho-ho is all gone…”


Thank God kids are resilient.

Among the recent favorites are her guitar and doggie-veterinarian set.

“Doctor Addy,” she announces, as she pulls out the stethoscope and Rx bottle while giving her stuffed dog a check up.

It’s super cute, as you can imagine.

The guitar gets a workout in many different ways, sometimes flung over her neck like a true rock star, other times simply on the couch with her strumming away on it.

During her less-than-coherent moments, she’ll sit on the guitar and hold it over her head.

I fear a stage presence may be in her future.

After some initial excitement over the mini Barbie piano, that interest has definitely waned since Christmas.

The poor thing sits next to some misfit stuffed animals and the Thomas the Train whistle which only gets use when Addy walks it over to me to blow on.

The old standards, though, still seem to be the favorites – the blocks, the tea set, coloring books and crayons – all see the most attention. And many weren’t even Christmas gifts.

If I hit on 50 percent of her gifts for Christmas I guess I did pretty well.

And who knows? She’s a 2-year old.

In a week, the guitar may be forgotten (or irrevocably damaged) and Addy may move on to the piano, the mini-laptop or any of the misfit stuffed animals.

All I know is, when she says it’s time to play and pats the floor, dad has gotta move into place.

I was already shooed out of one tea party. I’ve got to keep my place in line.

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