Ranting, raving

February 1, 2013 

This is when social media can be at its best.

So here’s the easiest rave of all – bravo for setting this page up.

If you haven’t been, check out a Facebook page call Cass County Rants and Raves.

This page pretty much runs the gamut on the good, the bad and the ugly regarding places to eat and do business around Cass County.

While we can debate the merits of such a page all day, the bottom line is social media of this kind can be informative, entertaining and helpful in communities large and small.

And in a tight-knit county like Cass, it could be a boon or bust to business.

In the age of online restaurant reviews, websites like Angie’s List and instantaneous information, though, businesses have to be ready for rants and raves from all corners.

And unlike some, less structured areas of social media, it seems that the Cass County Rant and Rave page has a few steadfast rules:

First, there can be no salon drama.

I chuckle every time I go on this page (which is daily for me) and see this constant reminder. Since I don’t frequent salons and am not subject to said drama, I can only be left to imagine what kind of theater plays out in salons.

However, by God, you can’t bring it to this page.

Secondly, there is no political talk allowed. Amen to that.

And third, the administrator of the page asks that you, very simply, follow the rules of “rants” and “raves.”

Know of a good place for pizza? Tell everyone about it. Had a rude reception at a high school or place of business? Here’s your area to vent. Need a recommendation on an HVAC professional? Toss it out and you will surely get a dozen within a day.

You cannot promote or advertise your business on this page, but you can defend yourself, which is more than fair and just.

And my favorite rule of all: “If you whine you will be asked to leave the group.”

No mincing words there.

A few months back, there was some discussion about our newspaper’s posting of the critical and non-critical violations found by the health department, something that we believe should be information provided to the public in an open forum.

While not all of the comments go in our favor, the right to discuss and share in an open forum should be encouraged and welcomed.

My hope is that people use this forum responsibly. Businesses have bad days and companies, big and small, make mistakes.

But we shouldn’t be afraid to converse about it and, more importantly, share the good things going on in the business community around Cass County.

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