Political Promises

February 15, 2013 

Sitting through another round of the State of the Union, I am reminded how far removed from national politics I have taken myself since the presidential election last November.

Maybe I’m exhausted by all of it.

Gas prices spike. The needle seems to barely move on unemployment. I’m generally uninspired by what’s going on in Washington, D.C.

And the State of the Union did little to change that for me.

The acknowledgments to Rep. Gabby Gifford and the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting were a positive ending to the hour-long speech by President Barack Obama.

Obama’s argument is that Congress should at least put some gun control measures to a vote, up or down, that the victims and families of these nationwide shootings deserve at least that.

Other than that, the speech was largely uninspiring, especially for the first one to start his second term.

I was nearly reduced to trying to guess the Easter-like colors of the ties of Obama, VP Joe Biden and Speaker of the House John Boehner – purple, lavender, periwinkle?

And how many times did we think Boehner was going to come to his feet, only to offer tepid applause and gaze into the distance.

Now, admittedly, I was distracted during this particular SOTU speech.

Across the country, a much bigger story was unfolding as a suspected multi-murderer was holed up in a cabin in California while law enforcement was preparing to end the manhunt and apparent standoff.

Events like that certainly put politics into perspective.

But back in D.C., things were lukewarm.

We’re going to add jobs. We’re going to build bridges and roads. We’re going to raise minimum wage.

And while I get that Obama cannot lay out all his specifics and plans to accomplish these worthy goals in one mere speech – the State of the Union is supposed to be an update and look into the future as it were – we are often left with more questions than answers each February when this event rolls around.

And lately, the annoyance has to do with the two major party’s lack of cooperation.

Obama makes a speech. Marco Rubio rebukes it. And we’re no closer to a balanced budget or meaningful collaboration.

So, I am taking some time off from politics.

I might need some Ron Paul or the “rent is too damn high” guy to break me out of this funk.

Or maybe I will check back in at the midterms in 2014. Surely we will have gotten something done by then.

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