February 22, 2013 

Dear Editor:

I would like to offer a response to the letter from Ellen Hermance which was published in your Feb. 1 edition. She was critical of owners who used their personal religious "agenda" to dictate what insurance benefits she could receive. I would offer that religious beliefs are far more than an agenda. They are the basis for one’s every decision.

She is absolutely free to make choices with which I do not agree. However, she should take full responsibility for those choices. If I do not agree with a particular option, I should not have to facilitate that activity by allowing it as an option and I definitely should not have to pay for it.

If she wants that option, she can find insurance that will include that coverage and she can pay for it.

If she chooses an employer based on their insurance coverage, I would definitely invite her to look elsewhere rather than compromise my principles.

Michael Carvan

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