The mind of a 2-year-old

February 22, 2013 

Some days I just don’t know what my daughter is thinking about.

And, perhaps, that is something that will carry over for years and years to come.

In her recent acts of defiance and general 2-year-old-ness, my sweet Addy has taken to “pretending” to bite when things get a little rough.

Of course, then she smiles and darts away so quickly I barely have a chance to scold her, much less sit her down for that important talk I always mean to have with her.

This past weekend, Addy had so many unpredictable moments, I had to practically bite myself just to keep my sanity.

We like to throw the plastic “playground” balls around the living room. No harm in that, right?

Then dada goes and throws one too high in the air, hits the ceiling fan or bounces it off the TV.

Addy sees it. Addy does it. So, this one is completely on me.

When I tell her I made a mistake and that she shouldn’t do it, I might as well be asking my nearly 2-and-a-half year old to split an atom. It’s Greek to her.

So the mistakes we make as parents will be copied – if not fully understood by – our children. Duly noted.

At dinner, for whatever reason, my daughter has also taken to intensely watching what I do while meal time is going on.

Usually, it entails preparing her food, doing some dishes and maybe even taking care of a few other items while the rambunctious one is contained to her high chair.

But it when it comes time for me to eat, she’s instantly zeroed in.

“What’s that?” she’ll ask, pointing at my plate.

“Dada done?” she quizzes, constantly. I think she’s deduced that if I am done with my food then, surely, whatever she has left in front of her is going to magically disappear, too.

Slowly down dinner has become an art form.

I haven’t yet taken to opening up the paper and reading it front to back while I wait for her to finish. But I have a strong inkling that day is coming.

“Play,” she pleads, leaving behind a few stray green beans and anything else she’s deemed less than worthy.

So I continue to try and get into the mind of my 2-year-old.

Between the urge to bite, the potty training and marathon meal times, it may take a long time for me to figure this out.

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