March 15 Letters

March 15, 2013 

Dear Editor:

Chivalry isn’t dead in Harrisonville! Last Monday while seven local red hat members ate at Mazio’s, a stranger picked up our tab.

We were there celebrating the heroic life of our dear departed member, Betty Shannon.

You can imagine the shock we felt when the cashier said an anonymous man had paid for our lunches. So thank you very much sir for paying and giving us all this pleasant, unbelieveable surprise. Now we all pledge to pass the favor on.

Marilyn Moreland



Dear Editor:

When news first reached me years ago that Cass County was making the bold move to self build a broadband

infrastructure. I was very proud of the county leadership making what I saw as a very enlighten decision, which

would propel Cass county forward both on the education and employment fronts. Much as the investment that is

being made by Google in Kansas City, Kan. would for those communities.

The benefits of affordable connectivity are well documented and a quick search of the net will both enlighten and

inform, and yes I realize the paradox of my previous statement. How can I self educate if I don’t have access, well

that is my primary point.

Without access citizens of Cass County will have higher thresholds to access the same educational and

employment opportunities than those with broadband. Our children or adults who need to refresh job skills will

need to relocate to gain access to higher education. And knowledge based employment will be out of reach for

many of those without broadband access.

Given the recent recognition that further progress was not practical and the resulting vote to cancel the effort. I

was motivated to write this letter to encourage the political leadership and the citizens of Cass County to continue

to push for better services.

Pressure your current incumbent telephone provider to invest in upgrades and extent the broadband service area.

And encourage the leadership of the county and state to bring private industry investment in emerging

technologies such as TV white space broadband to the county.

The Cass broadband project had struggled for years and while I was deeply disappointed that the implementation

was not successful, the need remains and for the future of the county we must demand success.

Jay Duthler


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