Belton competes at powerlifting competition

March 22, 2013 

Belton High School competed Feb. 16 in the Bobcat Powerlifting Invitational in Kansas.

The 31 Pirates were in competition with about 550 of the strongest competitors from 30 different schools from across Kansas and Missouri. The meet tested bench, squat, and hang clean and hosted separate divisions for women, men, and juniors (freshman and sophomore boys). The average weight class was 20 competitors deep and the Pirates finished the day placing 23 of their 31 lifters with a top six finish and 30 of 31 placing top nine. As a team, the Pirates finished third in the men’s division, third in the women’s division and first place in the freshman/sophomore men division.

Results are as follows:

First place overall finishes – Malcom Jones, sophomore, 123-pound class, 570 pounds total; Jaslon Willis, sophomore, 140-pound class, 700 pounds total – meet record; Zach Willis, freshman, 181-pound class, 945 pounds total – meet record; Amanda Whitney, sophomore, 180-pound class, 515 pounds total; Eddie Wineberry, senior, 156-pound class, 760 pounds total.

Second place overall finishes: Tucker Elkins, freshman, 173-pound class, 750 pounds total; Devin Hunter, freshman, 181-pound class, 770 pounds total; Tracy Gibbs, junior, pennyweight, 580 pounds total; Logan Dalton, junior, 148-pound class, 730 pounds total.

Third place overall finishes: Marcus Jones, sophomore, 132-pound class, 575 pounds total; Justus Shaw, freshman,140-pound class, 635 pounds total.

Fourth place overall finishes: Logan Allen, senior, 156-pound class, 425 pounds total; Michael Smith, senior, 140-pound class, 660 pounds total; Daniel Buckley, senior, 148-pound class, 720 pounds total; Vince Stewart, senior, 181-pound class, 850 pounds total; Austin Brown, senior, 198-pound class, 905 pounds total; David Pearman, senior, 220-pound class, 950 pounds total.

Fifth place overall finishes: Haley Mathis, senior, 148-pound class, 455 pounds total; Taylor Trapp, junior, 181-pound class, 815 pounds total; Austin Webster, senior, heavyweight class,1000 pounds total.

Sixth place overall finishes: Jada Bates, junior, 105-pound class, 350 pounds total; Nathan Dotson, junior, 148-pound class, 700 pounds total, Natalie Canfield, senior,165-pound class, 420 pounds total.

Seventh place overall finishes: Aldon Risden, sophomore, 140-pound class, 530 pounds total; AJ Goffoy, junior, 173-pound class, 805 pounds total; Josiah Kratz, senior, 220-pound class, 920 pounds total.

Eighth place overall finishes: Travis Norman, junior, 220-pound class, 905 pounds total; Emily Hines, junior; 148-pound class; 405 pounds total.

Individual weight class winners for best lifts are as follows (* denotes all time meet record):

Best Bench: Malcom Jones*, Zach Willis*275 pounds, Jaslon Willis, Amanda Whitney, Tracy Gibbs and Eddie Wineberry.

Best Squat: Tucker Elkins*350 pounds, Zach Willis*435 pounds, Tracy Gibbs (top female squat 300 pounds), Austin Brown, Marcus Jones and Eddie Wineberry.

Best Hang Clean: Malcom Jones, Zach Willis, Jaslon Willis*225 pounds, Amanda Whitney*175 pounds, Marcus Jones and AJ Goffoy.

Freshman Zach Willis was awarded the heavyweight lifter of the meet award for the freshman/sophomore division and his brother Jaslon Willis took second as a lightweight competitor.

For the first time this year there was a side event of standing broad jump and 10-yard dash with an award for lightweight and heavyweights. Freshman Justus Shaw ran the fastest time of the meet with a 1.65 second 10-yard dash winning the lightweight and Zach Willis won the heavyweight with a 1.8. Travis Norman won the heavyweight standing broad jump with a performance of 9 feet, 5 inches.

The Pirates brought home 31 medals, team plaques for each division and a lifter of the meet trophy for the most successful meet performance in school history.

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