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March 29, 2013 

Dear Editor:

It’s unfortunate Mr. Register took offense to my letter published on March 8 about the misleading press release from Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler. There were actually two press release regarding her vote on the Violence Against Women Act bill. The first press release, issued on Feb. 28 and was the subject of my letter, misled not only me but newspapers across the state of Missouri to think Congressman Hartzler voted for the final bill which passed on Feb. 28 and will become law. The second version of the press release dated March 4 was the one where Congresswoman Hartzler explained that there were actually two votes on VAWA, the failed House bill she voted for and the final bill which she voted against.

Mr. Register took to task the Democrat Missourian’s integrity for publishing my letter. Newspapers across the United States published stories about the misleading press release from Congresswoman Hartzler. The integrity of the Democrat Missourian is not the one to question.

While I am a proud member of the Cass County Democratic Party, my letter was written because (1) I am a woman, (2) I have a daughter, granddaughter, sisters, nieces and grandnieces, (3) I believe all women, no matter who they are, should be protected from violence, (4) I am a constituent of the 4th Congressional District of Missouri, (5) I was initially misled into thinking Congresswoman Hartzler voted for the final bill on VAWA, and (6) I believe we should be able to trust our elected officials. In the words of Ronald Reagan, “trust but verify.”

Debbi Lehr



Dear Editor:

In Cass County, there are many good people (police, fire, ems, city and county employees, etc.) that do many good things for the benefit of us all. To most, it’s more than a job and a paycheck, it’s a feeling of giving and a sense of caring for each other that drives them.

There’s another group of people among us. These are the people that give their time and energy to make Cass County a better place, compensated only with the feeling of making our community a better place for us and our kids. They work nights, weekends, their families sacrifice their time and it’s all for the collective benefit of us. Their sense of community runs high, much higher than mine and probably most of you, but if you know someone that belongs in this special group, you understand.

Coming up is an election for the Emergency Services Board and for most of us, we don’t have a clue what it is or what it does. I’ll give you my “Readers Digest” version and the “Twitter” version for my grand kids. Cass County voted for a sales tax to raise money for a county wide emergency radio system and it’s the ESB’s mission to oversee it.

Here’s the conundrum for me. The board is an elected position and it doesn’t pay anything, so how much should a person pay for a non-paying job? How do these people, the people that belong to the elite group of civic minded people let you know they would like to be on this board? If you’re fortunate enough to know one of these people, and I am, you quickly realize that it’s in the best interest of my family and my county to let everyone know who that person is.

Please vote for my friend, Jeff Weber, to become a member of the Emergency Services Board, he is truly one of those special people.

Myrna Hanes

Garden City


Dear Editor:

Automatic expansion of the Medicaid for Children program begins January 2014 which will allow many more children to be eligible for free or reduced medical coverage. No child in Missouri should have to go without adequate health coverage once this program is fully implemented. I would hope that most citizens would agree that tax dollars are very well spent when going to play for improving the lives of our children and thus our country’s future health.

Similarly, as a concerned private citizen and as a caseworker for 20 years, I am very encouraged to know that Missouri could also expand health coverage for adults who do not have affordable access to health insurance, but have health condition, if treated, could help them to be more productive members of our communities.

there are not enough strands of my hair that can count the number of times over the past years that I have had to refuse medical coverage to adults who were not considered to be permanently or tally disabled but who had serious health conditions that needed immediate medical attention. Often times these individuals were left with going to the emergency room resulting in these unpaid costs being reallocated to private pay and employer sponsored insurance premiums. Luckily, most metro areas have free or reduced health clinics that we can refer these individuals to, but in many of the more rural areas of the state, their only nearby option is the ER.

I fully support the spirit of health care reform primarily because what we have now has not worked for the masses. I am more than willing to try another approach that could result in making it possible for everyone to get the medical attention they need regardless of their economic status, not to mention the addition of countless jobs surrounding this type of expansion. I implore my fellow Cass County residents and those of the greater Kansas City areas to make it a priority to contact their legislators to let them know that you are also in support of the expansion of the Medicaid program to uninsured adults in Missouri.

Laura Davis


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