What the voters tell us

April 5, 2013 

Jeff Davis and Pete Kerckhoff have to be exhaling a little deeper this week.

Or maybe that’s a sigh or relief.

Either way, the mayor’s chair awaits both.

For Kerckhoff, he’s just retaining his chair after an overwhelming mandate by the voters.

Kerchhoff leveled his opponent, Jeff Adams, more than 3-to-1.

If there was ever a message sent by voters to a sitting mayor, it was done in Raymore on Tuesday.

As a growing community with many economic development opportunities, Kerckoff is in a position to lead Raymore during a pivotal time.

Like any political victory – regardless of the margin – the mayor will likely not spend too much time celebrating. There’s work to be done and voters have sent him back on that effort.

And speaking of wins, an old coach in Belton showed a lot of people that he still knows how to win on a Tuesday.

Jeff Davis has had plenty of weeknight victories over the years as the Pirates’ wrestling coach.

Back in a former life, I covered a lot of sports. And one of my personal favorites was covering wrestling. I had a real affinity (and still do) for that sport, all the hours and time put in by the wrestlers and coaches, the family atmosphere – all of it.

Davis was one of many great wrestling coaches we had in a time when Kansas City-area wrestling was taking back the control from St. Louis.

Davis taught and coached for many years, and decided to throw his hat in the ring for mayor.

Quite successfully, I would say, defeating Bobby Davidson by more than 16 percentage points.

All across Cass County, voters sent strong messages to its respective cities, be it for mayor, board of aldermen or school board.

In Pleasant Hill, residents overwhelmingly said yes to a new swimming pool; in Peculiar, the annexation plan passed by a rousing margin.

All these issues not only show a willingness by the electorate to send competent and community-minded men and women into office, but also a trust that saying "yes" to certain issues will set into motion a plan that improves our cities and our quality of life.

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