April 5 Letters

April 5, 2013 

Dear Editor:

Once again the voters of Cass County have been mislead regarding the County's emergency services and the Emergency Services Board. In April of 2012 the voters of Cass County approved a sales tax issue on which the main point was "providing central dispatching of fire protection, emergency ambulance service, including emergency telephone services, and other emergency services". This is what the people of the County approved, not the 14-million dollars worth of radio equipment that what the law enforcement loaded advisory board wanted. The appointed Emergency Services Board has entered into contracts for the radio equipment, but has totally ignored the central dispatching that the people voted for.

This year, the issue was an elected Emergency Services Board, and although some fire service people id manage to be elected, in my case there were some misleading statements made in last week's Letter to the Editor in your paper from Myrna Hanes. For most of her letter, Ms. Hanes was praising all of the paople who volunter like I have done for nearly 50 years, only to then urge people to vote for Major Jeff Weber, the Undersheriff of Cass County, a highly compensated position. It would appear that there could be a conflict of interest, since as an employee of the Sheriff's Office, Major Weber would have to answer to the Sheriff regarding decisions made on the Emergency Services Board of possibly pur his paid position in jeopardy. It is also interesting that the Sheriff on a Facebook message encouraged people to vote for Major Weber.

Yes, I lost the election, mainly because I had already questioned the activities of the appointed Emergency Services Board and because I know "where some of the bodies are buried" regarding 9-1-1, and because the powers that be didn't want me in particular on the Board. I opposed the sales tax issue last year because I didn't trust the fact that even though central dispatching was on the ballot, that issue would be ignored, which it was. I also questioned then, and still do, the viability of the radio system regarding the rural volunteer fire departments, in paging their personnel and activating emergency weather sirens.

Those who know me know that I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe. They also know that I have spent my entire adult life as a volunteer in the fire and emergency, with over 35 years as a chief officer, and now serving on a fire district board.

I am glad that other members of the Board with understanding of the fire service were elected, and I am hopeful that they will do the right thing and work toward what the people of Cass County voted for in 2012, namely Central Fire Dispatching.

David L. Ullery


Dear Editor:

Ms. Lehr misinterpreted my March 22 letter as there was no "offense" taken. I have learned that many political enthusiasts are – as leopards – often unable to change their spots. The unfortunate aspect of this enthusiasm skew is that it undermines one’s credibility with

discerning people…What I might call, "The one-trick pony phenomenon." As a conservative and independent, I fact-check Limbaugh and other show hosts regularly.

I am sure that Congresswoman Hartzler would attest to the fact that it is not unusual for

me to challenge her at times like some berserk horse fly.

As I stated in my March 22 letter, I felt that adequate time had passed for the Democrat Missourian to fact-check Lehr’s charge – as I did – and post a follow up article

correcting the confusion in Congresswoman Hartzler’s press releases. This is particularly important as it could adversely affect the outcome of a national election.

Ms. Lehr contends that, "The integrity of the Democrat Missourian is not the one to question." I

was not questioning the "integrity" of the paper, but reminding them of their responsibility to their readers and the opportunity to display that their commitment to journalistic principles were not just so many hollow words as were stated in the Oct. 12, 2012 commentary – "At the Democrat Missourian, we believe in the very definition of journalism – the gathering, writing, reporting and editing of news and the accountability we accept with that definition."

Had Lehr done her due diligence first, instead of taking the position that she "…was initially misled into thinking Hartzler voted for the final bill on VAWA." we would not be having this discussion. It is difficult to believe that - with Lehr’s political credentials and her "trust but verify" policy - she would have been "misled" so easily.

Lehr asks, "Why would Hartzler, or anyone for that matter, vote no on renewing the Violence Against Women Act?" without first making the due diligence effort to visit sites like www.openmarket.org/2013/02/21/vawa-bill-still-contains-provisions-violating-first-amendment-

and-other-constitutional-provisions to understand the unconstitutionality and support group negative impact reservations with the Senate version of the VAWA.

A friend was way ahead of Congress when she held her own partisan VAWA house voice vote four decades ago and introduced her drunken, abusive husband to "Mr. Frying Pan".

Believe it or not, it took only one "second" from the floor to pass. Her husband’s voice vote was recorded as "unintelligible".

Dallas Register


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