College notes from local graduates

June 14, 2013 

Park University holds commencement ceremony

Park University held its Spring 2013 Kansas City Area Commencement ceremony May 11 at the Community of Christ Auditorium in Independence. The University had 580 students eligible to participate in the ceremony – 379 undergraduates received their bachelor’s degree, 170 graduate students received their master’s degree, 13 students received their associate degree and 18 students received graduate or undergraduate certificates. In addition, 64 associate degrees in nursing were conferred during the Ellen Finley Earhart Nursing Program’s pinning ceremony May 10 on the Parkville Campus.

The following is a list of local graduates by degree:

•  Master of Education – Jill Marie Brown, Raymore., Educational Leadership

•  Master of Public Affairs – Benjamin M. Zibers, Raymore, (attended Raymore-Peculiar High School), Disaster and Emergency Management

•  Master of Healthcare Leadership – Tiffany Lea Kiehl, Raymore,. (attended Moberly High School); Tricia E. Plewa, Lenexa, Kan. (attended Raymore-Peculiar High School.)

•  Bachelor of Arts – Brandi Michele Broussard, Kansas City, (attended Pleasant Hill High School), Graphic Design, Summa Cum Laude; Kirsten Victoria Schow, Archie,. (attended Archie High School), Graphic Design, Cum Laude

•  Bachelor of Science – Brent Gregory Chandler, Pleasant Hill, (attended Blue Springs South High School), Management; Derek Edward Griggs, Kansas City, (attended Raymore-Peculiar High School), Management/Marketing; Derek W. McBride, Raymore, (attended Belton High School), Information and Computer Science/Software Engineering, Magna Cum Laude; Alicia Marie Morrison, Lee’s Summit. (attended Raymore-Peculiar High School), Management/Human Resources, Cum Laude; Nathaniel P. Roten, Belton, Athletic Training, Summa Cum Laude; Jacob Benjamin Stansbury, Peculiar, (attended Raymore-Peculiar High School), Management/Finance; Kristina Marie Steele, Kansas City (attended Archie High School), Management, Magna Cum Laude

•  Associate of Science in Nursing – Jodi Lynn Brown, Garden City, (attended Sherwood High School); Crystal Charlene Hedgpeth, Raymore; Kristina Kay Hurley, Raymore, (attended Blue Springs South High School); Kendra Rose Larcom, Harrisonville; Sarah Anne Loughary, Belton, (attended Pleasant Ridge High School, Easton, Kan.); Crystal Marie Regan, Freeman; Emily J. Vermillion, Garden City, (attended Cass-Midway High School); Jennifer Darlene Wood, Pleasant Hill, (attended Pleasant Hill High School).

Honors are designated to graduates that have earned at least 45 credit hours prior to the last term of enrollment. Summa Cum Laude is designated for 3.9 to 4.0 grade point average, Magna Cum Laude for 3.7-3.899 GPA, Cum Laude for 3.5 to 3.699 GPA and With Distinction for students who compete 24-44 credit hours with 3.75 GPA or better.

UCM students earn spots on dean’s list

The following local students have earned a spot on the University of Central Missouri dean’s list. Each semester, the dean’s list is divided into two parts. The first list includes the names of students who have achieved a perfect 4.0 grade point average, and the second list includes the names of students who attained a grade point average of 3.50 to 3.99.

The following is the list of students on the 4.0 dean’s list by hometown:

•  Belton – Sam Mayta, Stephen Buergler, Christina Parle, Lathleen Replogle, Suzanne Replogle, Courtney Cleveland, Anthony Haus, Mathew Skaggs, Mackenzie Porter, Melanie Coleman, Mitchell Meyer, Kari Howard, Shannon Ford, Leslie Byrd

•  Peculiar – Carmyn Mobley, Brittany Echols, Brooke Puhr, Kyle Green, Keli Kidd, Ashley Youngs, Lauren Votava

•  Pleasant Hill – Kimberly McBride, Lindsey Dykes, Kelsey Long, Hollianne Hooper, Sarah Rutherford, Kristin Seim, Nellie Enneking, Grady Hoenshell, Jamie Spencer, Adrienne Pettet, Jaclyn Meade

•  Raymore – Morgan Elliott, Aimee Wilson, Elissa Tusa, Maria Wylde, Kaitlyn Heenan, Kaitlyn Micher, Lacy Couch, Jordan Fox, Samantha Rooney, Taylor Wilson, Tiffany Husk, Jeffrey Mason, Summer Doss, Kayla Bogar

•  Harrisonville – Kathryn Lockard, Meghan Hestand, Suzanne Best, Christine Coltrin, Abigail Mcleod, Cassaundra Puckett, Garrett Kliewer, Amber Jaynes, Kortney McKinnis, Jacob McKinnis

•  Cleveland – Eli Clark

•  Creighton – Krystal Adams

•  Drexel – Samuel Kesler

•  Garden City – Danelle Bailey, Quayd Robetson, Sarah Corwin

The following is the list of students on the 3.5 to 3.99 dean’s list by hometown:

•  Belton – Alannah Swaggart, Austin Briggs, Allen Walker, Haley Coovert, Molly Holt, Jeffery Trolinger, Christopher Oden, Abigail Brock, Courtney Cornell, Kathleen Coleman, Amy Sheridan, Mallory Yager, Tiffany Delong, Deric Fenzl, Claire Bessenbacher

•  Peculiar – Amanda Johnson, Paige Reinholdt, Alyssa Bird, Traci Hawkins, Donavon Barbarisi, Nicole Pond

•  Pleasant Hill – Joshua Cherington, Kyle Phillips, Melissa Vogel, Kyle Wissler, Wiley Wright, Haley Anderson, Rodd Fenton, Blaine Arbuckle, Chelsey Webber, Richard Lally, Kailea Bogner, Stormi Ross, Sadie Rogers, Jacob Shrader, Abbie Donaldson, Kevin Huber, Hannah Clevenger, Frederick Verstraete

•  Raymore – Heidi Nelson, Evan Sanders, Jordan Rewald, Tiffany Bussard, Matthew Buassard, Rachel Ruth, Katharina Oesch, Christopher Scott, Timmothy Fink, Emily Brock, Cecilia Duran, Chad Dixon, Parrish Antoine

•  Harrisonville – Daniel Moore, Jacob Prindle, Steven Hawley, Karra Miller, Luke Scavuzzo, Jessica Mathes, Melissa Hicks, Michelle Corson, Tonya Wright, Tyler Friedrich, Brianna Loveall, Caleb Sevy, Collin Shelton, Kayla Hensley, Mckenna Baumgartner, Morgan Baumgartner

•  Archie – Jessica Cox, Ardis Shipley

•  Cleveland – Amy Sullivan, Sabra Hoeppner

•  Creighton – Paige Wilson, Kaylon Wehmeyer

•  Drexel – Luke Bartholomew

•  Freeman – Adam Doyle

•  Garden City – Tucker Whitworth, Kara Burger

•  Urich – Aimee Hill, Candice Leto

Hesston College announces 2013 graduates

The Hesston College community celebrated the academic accomplishments of 160 graduates during commencement May 5. J. Nelson Kraybill, president-elect of Mennonite World Conference, pastor of Prairie Street Mennonite Church (Elkhart, Ind.) and president emeritus of Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary (Elkhart) presented the commencement address, “The hope to which you are called.”

Kaci Diener, Harrisonville, received an associate of arts degree. She is the daughter of Myron and Donna Diener.

Mindy Yoder, Garden City, receive an associate of arts degree. She is the daughter of Calvin Yoder.

Union University confers degrees

A record-high 647 students received degrees from Union University May 18 during the 188th annual spring commencement ceremony on the university’s Great Lawn.

That is the largest number of spring graduates in Union’s history. About 7,500 people attended the service.

Mary Spena, of Peculiar, received her bachelor of science degree in sports medicine, with an emphasis in sports medicine, exercise science and wellness.

William Jewell College announces honors

Three local students received honors at the Celebration of Honors held April 26 on the William Jewell College campus in Liberty.

Chloe Brown, Cleveland, received the Hastings L. Schies Memorial Scholarship, which goes to a deserving business administration major. Hastings is a junior majoring in business administration and applied critical thought and inquiry.

Casshandra Dinges, Harrisonville, was awarded the Distinguished Graduate in Psychology and Hilltop Monitor Award for Motivational Leadership. Dinges is a senior studying psychology and English.

Christopher Sumner, Peculiar, was given the Outstanding Senior in Chemistry. Sumner is a senior majoring in biochemistry.

University announces CAS dean’s list for spring semester

The following students were named to Baker University’s College of Arts and Sciences dean’s list for maintaining a 3.5 grade-point average or higher and at least 12 credit hours for the spring 2013 semester:

Harrisonville – Richard Schacher, Peculiar – Thomas Pruitt; Raymore – Andrew Poindexter.

332 named to Union University president’s list

Three hundred thirty-two students have been named to the Union University president’s list for the spring 2013 semester.

Among those listed was Nathaniel Parke of Raymore.

The president’s list includes full-time students who achieve a 4.0 grade point average on a four-point scale.

Baker University announces spring graduates

More than 700 undergraduate, graduate and nursing students at Baker University received their degrees during commencement ceremonies May 19 at the Collins Center.

Receiving their bachelor of science degree was Thomas Pruitt, Peculiar.

Commencement ceremonies conducted at UCM

Area residents were among the more than 1,600 individuals who were eligible to participate in the University of Central Missouri’s 2013 spring commencement exercises May 10-11 in the university’s Multipurpose Building. Students who completed their degree requirements by the end of the spring 2011 semester were honored at the event.

The following is a list of local graduates by hometown:

•  Belton – Erika Hazelrigg, bachelor of science; Chelsey Buseck, bachelor of science; Matt Farrington, bachelor of science; Kathleen Replogle, bachelor of science in education; Thomas Coovert, master of arts in teaching; Courtney Cleveland, bachelor of science in education; Samantha Schoolfield, bachelor of arts; Amy Sheridan, bachelor of science in business administration; Shannon Ford, bachelor of science; heath Peregrine, bachelor of science; Leslie Byrd, bachelor of science in education

•  Peculiar – Evan Mobley, master of science; Felicia Lang, bachelor of science; Taylor Littleton, bachelor of science in business administration; Traci Hawkins, bachelor of science; Tiffany Aswegan, bachelor of science

•  Pleasant Hill – Valerie Wilson, bachelor of science in business administration; Melissa Vogel, bachelor of science; Larry Greenwood, master of science; Alecia Arnold, bachelor of science; Lindsey Dykes, bachelor of science in education; Blaine Arbuckle, bachelor of science; Victoria Kim, bachelor of science in business administration; Gabriel Wittig, bachelor of science in business administration; Kevin Huber, bachelor of science in education; Hannah Clevenger, bachelor of science; Victoria Hartsell, education specialist

•  Raymore – Aimee Wilson, bachelor of science in education; Brie Reed, bachelor of science; Blair Kindey, master of science; Errich Oberlander, master of science; Maria Wylde, bachelor of social work; Tiffany Bussard, bachelor of science; Teresa Redfern, master of science; Katharina Oesch, bachelor of science; Staci Garcia; bachelor of science in business administration; Emily Hanover, master of arts; Danielle Petersen, bachelor of science; Cecilia Duran, bachelor of science; Chad Dixon, bachelor of science; Tiffany Husk, bachelor of science in education; Jeffrey Mason, bachelor of science in business administration; Summer Doss, bachelor of science in education

•  Harrisonville – Kandi Saylor, master of arts; Kathryn Lockard, bachelor of science in education; Michelle Cornforth, master of science; Kimberly Hahn, bachelor of science; Dylan Beddo, bachelor of science in business administration; Abigail Macleod, bachelor of science in education; Jacob McKinnis, bachelor of science in education

•  Archie – Kim Wilhelmson, master of science

•  Cleveland – Asia Murray, bachelor of science in business administration; Eli Clark, bachelor of science in business administration; Britany Clawson, bachelor of science

•  Creighton – Jay Norris, bachelor of science in business administration

•  Garden City – Jessie Wheeldon, bachelor of science

UCM announces honors graduates

To be eligible for graduation with honors a student must have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 and must have completed a minimum of 30 semester hours of credit at the University of Central Missouri with a GPA of 3.50. Those with a cumulative grade average of 3.50 to 3.74 graduated Cum Laude; 3.75 to 3.84, Magna Cum Laude; and 3.85 and above Summa Cum Laude, based on whichever is lower, their cumulative GPA or their grade point average at Central Missouri.

The following is a list of local students by honors:

•  Cum Laude – Kathleen Replogle, Belton; Courtney Cleveland, Belton; Traci Hawkins, Peculiar; Tiffany Aswegan, Peculiar; Valerie Wilson, Pleasant Hill; Hannah Clevenger, Pleasant Hill; Katharina Oesch, Raymore; Jeffrey Mason, Raymore; Jacob McKinnis, Harrisonville; Asia Murray, Cleveland

•  Summa Cum Laude – Leslie Byrd, Belton; Eli Clark, Cleveland

Baker University announces spring graduates

More than 700 undergraduate and graduate students at Baker University received their degrees during commencement ceremonies May 11 and May 19 at the Collins Center.

Local graduates are listed by their hometown:

•  Belton – Sara Clark, bachelor of business administration; Debbra Fluette, bachelor of business administration; Sara MacKenzie, master of business administration

•  Harrisonville – Brian Baker, bachelor of business administration; Amanda Hackett, master of arts in education

•  Peculiar – Warren Fitzpatrick, bachelor of science in management

•  Raymore – Ryan Hoover, bachelor of business administration; Wendy-Sue James, associate of arts in business; Johnna Kemp, master of business administration; David Lillis, bachelor of science in management; Nicole Moore, associate of arts in business; Amanda Morrison, master of business administration; Michael Muller, associate of arts in business

Local students named to dean’s honor roll

Local Missouri students are among the 1,096 named to the dean’s honor roll by the deans of Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kan., for the spring 2013 semester.

The list includes undergraduate students only. To be eligible, students must have enrolled in 12 or more credit hours and have a minimum grade point average of 3.60 for the semester. Full-time on-campus and virtual students are eligible.

Lisa Lynn Foster, Raymore, a graduate of Truman High School, is a freshman majoring in general studies.

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