County approves School Road scope of services agreement

bbashioum@demo-mo.comJune 14, 2013 

The county’s efforts to improve School Road are still moving along.

Associate Commissioner Luke Scavuzzo made a motion during the June 6 Cass County Commissioners meeting to approve a scope of services with Right of Way Associates in regard to Phase 1 of the proposed School Road project.

“We had initially approved a letter of engagement with Right of Way Associates,” Presiding Commissioner Jeff Cox said. “Where we’re at with this right now is the engineer has actually got the individual tracts of the right of ways that we’re going to need for this, so once we approve this, they’ll move forward with getting those right of ways for Phase 1.”

In late March, Cox proposed a three-phase project to improve the safety on the route frequently traveled on by Raymore-Peculiar School District students, employees and families.

The plan outlined the work to be completed in such order: Phase 1, Hubach Hill to 195th Street, is estimated to cost $1.7 million; Phase 2, 195th to 203rd Street, at another $1.7 million; and the final leg from 203rd to 211th Street, estimated at $2.1 million.

Under Cox’s cooperative agreement plan, the county would have contributed 68 percent of the total cost of the project, using $1.6 million in quarter-cent road and bridge sales tax revenues and taking out approximately $2.2 million in additional bonds.

To cover the rest of the tab, the county was looking to Peculiar and Raymore to forego three years of their share of road and bridge proportions, with Peculiar chipping in an additional $1 million to cover the project’s total estimated $5.5 million cost.

But in April, Raymore City Council members voted 6-2 to disapprove the city’s involvement in making a contribution, shutting down the cooperative agreement plan.

Cox has talked openly since that decision, stating that the county will do what they can with their available resources to still improve the road, beginning with Phase 1.

A review of the proposed improvements in the first phase of the project by Right of Way Associates and their president, John Moser, indicating that right of way and easements are needed from 16 properties, was approved unanimously by the commissioners during the Thursday meeting.

Cox also made a motion to reappoint Amos Jackson, of Appleton City, and Nicole Smith Henricks, of Belton, to a two-year term to the county’s Workforce Investment Board, during the meeting.

Commissioners unanimously approved the decision, in addition to appointing Melissa Freeman of the Cass County Corporation of Economic Development, to the board as the economic development representative to replace Chris Benjamin who recently resigned.

In other meeting business, the commissioners took the following actions:

Approved a zoning application from David Davenport requesting a zoning classification change from Commercial-2 to Industrial-2 in Tract 3 within the Harrelson Business Center land subdivision, located at 19700 S. Harrelson, Belton.

Approved a zoning application from Hunter and Wallis requesting a zoning classification change from Commercial-2 to Industrial-1, located at 23505 S. 291 Hwy., Harrisonville.

Approved a zoning application from Travis Wheeler requesting a lot split and zoning classification change from Residential Rural to Commercial-1, located at 10904 E. C Hwy., Peculiar.

Approved a request for disbursement of the 2012 tax sale surplus monies Certificate of Purchase No. 12-21/Tax Sale No. 443 to Wayne White in the amount of $4,276.50.

Approved a request for proposal for the Sheriff’s Office to bid for an inmate telephone system.

Opened one bid from Von Herger Kennels, of Kingsville, for a K-9 package for the Sheriff’s Office. The bid will be reviewed and a decision will be made at a later date.

Opened two bids, from Commerce and UMB Banks, for banking services within the Treasurer’s and Collector’s Offices. The bids will be reviewed and a decision will be made at a later date.

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