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June 28, 2013 

Dear Editor:

We all think Washington simply does not work these days, but this month there is a chance for Senator Blunt to start to prove us wrong, and all he has to do is simply cast a vote affirming our right to free speech.

A few months ago the National Labor Relations Board ruled that employees cannot be fired for speaking out about working conditions on social media sites like Facebook. The rub is that today, the NLRB cannot protect any American from attacks on their most fundamental right because the United States Senate has yet to confirm three Democratic and two Republican appointees put forward by President Obama.

Senator Blunt, this is not politics, this is common sense. Do your job and vote.

Billy Moffett


Dear Editor:

We must take action to prevent suicide.

I live with Bi-Polar Disorder and PTSD. I have learned a lot about mental illness, including that more than 90 percent of those who die by suicide have underlying mental illness, like me, at the time of their death. I have also learned that decreasing stigma about these illnesses and getting the proper treatment can save lives.

That is why I recently traveled to our nation’s capital to meet with members of Congress and urged their support of legislation furthering suicide prevention and mental health, education and research.

My involvement was part of a national movement coordinated by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention as part of their Annual Advocacy Forum.

Hundreds of volunteer advocates from across the country met with their members of Congress that day to encourage action to reduce suicide.

As a Board Member and the Public Policy Chairperson for Missouri I urge you even if you haven’t been personally affected by suicide, please take a moment to visit and learn how you can get involved here in Missouri.

Shaun Damico

Kansas City

Dear Editor:

After this week’s vote on the farm bill by Congress, I think it is time to look at the pure idiotic Tea Party members in Congress.

I believe the Fourth District deserves better than what they have.

I noticed in the Kansas City Star on Sunday that the Fourth District representative got the award for most money spent from her office for supplies out of the local delegations.

This tea party darling who has taken almost $1 million in subsidies and wants to cut the SNAP (food stamp) program by over $20 billion.

At the same time, she supports subsidies to oil companies and the wealthiest of the wealthy.

These food stamps will hurt our military. There are many military families on SNAP and yet she says how much she cares for them. But, better than her subsidies were one of her cohorts of the tea party on her committee who has taken over three and one-half million dollars in farm subsidies, yet wants to cut even more from food stamps.

Folks, you need to go to and see how much per diem your representatives get each day, even when they go to work! They make over $177,000 yearly plus around $200 each day to be in Washington. Yet, one of these tea party nuts wants to show you how to survive on $4.35 daily.

What a bunch of jokesters we have that stops this government of ours from working.

George Wheeldon


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