Ray-Pec foundation offers new fundraiser

July 19, 2013 

The Raymore-Peculiar Public School Foundation has introduced www.ItAllCounts.com/RayPec –a new and easy way for the community to support Ray-Pec schools without putting any additional strain on their finances.

ItAllCounts has strategic relationships with more than 700 popular online merchants and service providers. These retailers, such as Target, Old Navy, Kohl’s, Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot and Staples, generously offer contributions (or rebates) on purchases made in order to help strengthen the quality of education and keep America strong and competitive.

As members shop online for items they already want or need, the ItAllCounts platform works behind the scenes, capturing funding for the Foundation AND earning members money back for their personal account at the same time. It doesn’t cost members any more than they are already spending and actually saves them money as rebates are deposited into their account.

“One of the best things about the program is that we aren’t asking members to spend any more online than they do today. We are just asking them to make the purchases they do make count for area schools by logging in to ItAllCounts before they begin shopping,” Ray-Pec Public School Foundation Executive Director Jodie Huston said.

“We are excited to partner with the Raymore-Peculiar Public School Foundation to help raise additional funding for the schools,” said Shawn Walden, President and CEO of ItAllCounts. “ItAllCounts doesn’t replace traditional fundraising efforts but offers a creative way to supplement funding in an environment where people are finding it harder and harder to give. As an organization, we’ve seen funding for education continually squeezed by state cuts and overall economic conditions while, at the same time, have noticed an increasing trend in online shopping. ItAllCounts leverages this trend to benefit both the Foundation and its supporters.”

Here’s how the program works:

•  Join – Supporters can sign up at www.ItAllCounts.com/RayPec. It takes just seconds, and it’s free.

•  Shop – Once registered, members can begin earning rebates for themselves and giving to Ray-Pec schools just by logging in to their account before they begin shopping. The program features an easy-to-use search feature, so members can quickly find the products and services they need at the best value.

•  Earn/support – Every time a member makes a purchase within the ItAllCounts network, a percentage is automatically credited back to their personal account AND to the Foundation and school accounts.

For example: If a member purchases a $100 item and the retailer is giving a 6 percent contribution, $3 will go to the member, $1.50 will go to the Foundation and $1.50 will go to the school.

To find out more about the Raymore-Peculiar Public School Foundation ItAllCounts Program, go to www.ItAllCounts.com/RayPec.

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