Harrisonville BOA approves preliminary budget objectives

bbashioum@demo-mo.comJuly 26, 2013 

The Harrisonville Board of Aldermen were set to vote on a lengthy list of preliminary 2014 budget objectives at a special meeting July 22, but could not proceed due to a lack of a quorum.

Aldermen Ivan Stull, Marcia Milner and Stacey Dahlman, along with Mayor Kevin Wood, were absent from the meeting due to scheduling conflicts.

The BOA decided to meet Wednesday instead.

City Administrator Keith Moody said developing objectives for 2014 is the first tasks that city department heads and aldermen are charged with in the development process.

Aldermen approved the following budgetary proposals:

Hire an intern to complete tasks for Historic Preservation Commission, including expanding the organization’s web presence. Cost estimate is $5,000, submitted by Rick DeLuca at the request of the HPC.

Promote Local Government Week by designing a program of community outreach events to reach various segments of the population, from young to old. Cost estimate is $1,500, submitted by Sheryl Stanley at the request of Mayor Wood.

Enhance electronic newsletters using an email marketing service. Cost estimate is $1,000, submitted by Stanley.

Promotion of the new Harrisonville.com domain through a “vigorous educational outreach” to market the name. Ideas include decals/bumper stickers on city vehicles, imprinted giveaways and billboards. Cost estimate is $5,000, submitted by Bret Reece.

Install a catch basin at 300 E. Chestnut as part of a drainage improvement project to help the flow of water from the new storm water infrastructure built upstream at the new police department site. Cost estimate is $5,000, submitted by Rodney Jacobs.

Purchase and install holiday season ornaments on the Square and street light banners for Independence and Mechanic Streets. Cost estimate is $12,000 for banners and arms, and $3,500 for the Square decorations, submitted by Wood.

Place street/sidewalk/storm water improvement sales tax question. Moody, who submitted the request, said the city has historically funded these types of improvements out of the general fund operating revenues. He said these resources have declined by 50 percent during the past three years.

Moody is proposing a half-cent sales tax measure through the general election, needing a simple majority in support. The election could be held in April, August or November. If passed, the new tax would generate approximately $1 million annually. Cost estimate is $15,000.

Completion of part two of a three-step plan to replace current EMS turnout gear that has reached its 10-year useful life span. Cost estimate is $22,000.

Clean 12 miles of city sewer lines that have been identified for roots, material build up and grease. Cost estimate is $60,000, submitted by Jerry Gibbs.

Purchase a used, 4x4 utility vehicle with less than 2,000 miles and not more than 10 years old for the transportation of equipment and personnel. Cost estimate is $6,000.

Acquire bike path easements from Independence Street to Lords Park to make the trail connection from city park. Cost estimate is $10,000.

Apply for a grant for the expansion of the Harrisonville Linear Trail system. To receive the grant, a 80/20 or 75/20 percent match from the city would be needed. Cost estimate is $50,000 for the city’s match, and $200,000 from the grant.

Continued development of a crime control unit to specifically attack illegal drug use. Cost estimate is $40,000, submitted by John Hofer.

Conduct a Citizen's Fire Academy in which participants can observe the function of EMS services and become certified in CPR. Cost estimate is $5,000.

Conduct an in-service liability training program to enable officers to perform more efficiently and more safely. Cost estimate is $30,730.

Hire a second building inspector and code enforcement officer. In the past two years, a full time code and enforcement officer position and the director of codes administration position were eliminated. The city cites that they do not have enough resources to address citizen complaints in a timely manner. Cost estimate is $64,000 for a full-time position and $31,000 for a part-time position, submitted by Deluca and Moody.

Add a customer service specialist at the city’s electric department who would also assist the public works director 20 percent of the time. Cost estimate is $46,000.

Begin the process of obtaining RP3 rating of electric utility from the APPA, which requires additional clerical hours. Cost estimate is $1,000.

Play/fit station for the Community Center. Cost estimate is $10,000.

Purchase new office furniture for police facility. Moody said due to a very tight budget, furniture costs were eliminated in initial cost discussions. Cost is $50,000.

Provide winter uniform coats for EMS staff. Cost estimate is $3,500.

The objectives given preliminary approval at this stage allow department heads to incorporate the financial impacts into the budget.

As the complete budget is developed, the city’s ability to afford completing the objectives will be assessed.

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