Letters to the Editor

August 1, 2013 

Dear Editor:

I read Representative Hartzler’s report on the subjects of the speech by President Obama in Warrensburg last week. She is very critical of pretty much everything the President had to say that day. Hartzler took particular umbrage of the line she called out in quotation marks from the President where he is frustrated with the “…endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals…” getting in the way of the direction his leadership is taking the country.

But Hartzler, he is talking to you. Your entire report is a subtext of cable news networks and your talking points come directly from Majority Leader, Eric Cantor’s desk. Right off the GOP Website. I have been reading your emailed newsletter since you were elected in 2010 and not a month goes by that you aren’t arguing with absolutely everything the President has to say. With nothing new to add.

How about you give us some real facts about what we need to do to get ready for the Affordable Health Care Act, like a government website or a non-partisan expert we can talk to and get answers instead of trying to repeal the bill over 30 times unsuccessfully. How about you visit with some business owners who don’t run a gun store and might have some different ideas about gun control. Why not talk to a couple of CEO’s who will tell you they don’t hire people because they got a big fat tax break. Companies hire people because their products are being bought and they need to make more. That only happens when people make decent wages, not because they don’t pay income tax. I would love to see you visit a public school and actually print something real you heard from the teachers about how the state can be more helpful with curriculum and teacher development rather than how the state should get out of the way.

Please Representative Hartzler: Listen and think for yourself.

Sharon Marshall


Dear Editor:

Whether or not you support his views and policies, it was an honor to have the President of the United States, Barack Obama, come to this part of the state of Missouri.

He gave a speech, trying once again, to explain what he is trying to do for the underprivileged and the middle class families of this country.

Wealth is not part of the majority of families in the US and he is still striving and trying to keep his promise of a better life for its citizens.

College for all children in this country, without the debt, is a huge deal.

Jobs in this country are a huge deal and health care for all is a huge deal.

That is why he reaffirmed his promise to spend the rest of his presidency to get these things done, but he can’t do it alone, though he will try, and needs the GOP to put the welfare of all this country’s citizens first, and stop this game they are playing in Congress and the House.

Karen Zentz


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