Aug. 16 Community News & Notes

August 16, 2013 


By Dea Ann Ackerman

• First Baptist Church of Cleveland is beginning a craft night. It will be 6-7 p.m. Sunday evenings and all ages are welcome. You can make a project or, if you would like to help teach someone a skill, contact Henry Green at 816-560-5491.

• Cass Midway is back at school this week so watch for buses as they are picking up and dropping off students. The school website is Check it out for their schedule of activities.

• Happy birthday to Dan Ackermann this week.

• If you have any news for the Cleveland section, give me a call at 816-658-3734.

East Lynne

By Mischaele Bearce

• East Lynne Fire Department had one medical call for the week. Board meeting was last week with Jackie Groblebe, Connie Kudron, Howard Raffurty, Max Schmoll, Cyndi Ramage, Terry Faulkenberry, Mike Davis, Tyler Springer, John and Mischaele Bearce. Mike Davis came to thank the board for allowing him to do Firefighting No. 1and No. 2, EMT, and other classes. He passed them all. Way to go Mike, we know this was a long two years of schooling and studying.

• Sympathy goes out to the Kircher families on the passing of Jeremy Roller last week.

• Carrie and Mark Kirk would like to thank the neighbors, friends, and families who helped out during Mark’s terrible accident at work. On June 15, Mark lost his lower left leg due to an accident at work. Life has changed for Mark and special friends like Ray Rushly have made a big difference to the Kirk’s house by putting up two ramps for Mark to go in and out of his house. Thank you all for the home visits and visits at the hospital, this always make the stays much better. He is home now recuperating.

• Elaine Norman and a few of her lady friends went out on a motorcycle trip to North and South Carolina for several days. Elaine got to go visit a lot of family and find out more about her ancestry. She got a new Harley Davidson and off they all went. Gary went to Sturgis once again with his friends and had a great time. Gary and Elaine love to take off one day a week and just go riding together.

• Megan Carnes had a wonderful baby shower with Kristina and David Carnes, Jr., playing host to the party. It was catered by Olive Garden and Kristina made a lot of sweets and a special goody bag for us all to take home.

• East Lynne students are up and getting ready for school to start this week. We hope school starts off with a wonderful start to a new year.

• Happy birthday to Amy Fair, Selena Cearley, Mary Hartzler, Austin Feagley, Tucker Vasser, Lance Bevan, Holly Burkhart Tuttle, Krisonna Werner, Mackenzie Sass, Tucker Rushly, Dale Fall, Kayden Taylor, Andrew Baldwin, Lyndsay Sims, Carl Chamberlain, Jacob and Austin Murray, Ian Stansberry, and Alden Lityma.

• Happy first anniversary to Caleb and Whitney Woolery and Joshua and Keely Casey.


By Nina Kemper

• The Walmart Retirees will meet at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 20, at Diamond Ray’s in Mill-Walk shopping mall. If you retired from Walmart or were a long-time associate, please join this group.

• We extend our sympathy to the family and friends of Mary Margaret Myers. Mary Margaret died Aug. 6 and services were Aug. 8 with burial in Camden on Aug. 9. Mary Margaret was a beloved member of the community.

• We extend our sympathy to the family and friends of Kenneth Ball.

• Get well wishes go to Jean Kisner, who has been a patient at St. Joseph Medical Center.

• The Freeman Community Club met on Aug. 8 for the regular monthly meeting. Gwen Eason, president, called the meeting to order and Joyce Olds led the pledge to the flag. Donna Geivett gave the minutes of the last meeting and they were approved as given after a couple of corrections. Dick Sanders had handed out copies of the treasurer’s report and it was approved as given. Phil Needham gave his report on the RV park. Homecoming was the next topic of conversation. There will be a change in the raffle this year. Instead of giving away $5 every hour, they will draw five times throughout the day and it will be for $10. LaVeta Sanders will be in charge of the Ham and Bean dinner again this year and she is requesting that anyone interested in helping, please call her and tell her what you would like to do before she has to call you to fill in what is left. She also is requesting just one dessert from each person this year. There also were sign-up sheets for bingo and the raffle. For those, call Melinda Eads and also call Melinda if you want to reserve a booth spot. Those spots are $20. For any questions, call Kelly Bray or Melinda Eads 816-527-6226.

• The Cass Midway class of 1983 is planning a reunion for Saturday, Aug. 24, at Club 111. They are inviting all of the classes of 1982 and 1984 also. Bring a snack.

• Cass Midway school has started, so please look out for kids waiting for the bus and even the buses themselves. We would like to have a safe school year.

• David Needham and Michael Oakes were the candle lighters at Freeman Presbyterian Church on Aug. 11. Keith Cook read the scriptures and Ilona Buzick had the Children’s moment. LaVeta Sanders, Elliott and Abby Madison had Children’s Church. Sunday, Aug. 18, following the worship service, we will have a sandwich lunch with a pie auction to follow.

• Some birthdays for next week include: Aug. 17 - David Needham, Ben Madison, and John Bockelman; Aug. 18 - Lynette Woodfin, Linda Lott Rhiel and Paul Perme; Aug. 19 - Marj Potts; Aug. 20 - Brooklyn Gaddie; Aug. 24 - William Hocker and Debbie Schewe; Aug. 25 - Emily Eason, Jack Hawkins, Shamera East and Bob Greer.

• Anniversary wishes go to Leon and Linda Lee on Aug. 18 and to Tom and Sharon Marshall on Aug. 22.

West Line

By Gail Lyon

• WLCC is building on a basement and new fellowship center. The congregation decided not to get a loan but go on faith that the people that have promised their help and donations will make this happen. The basement was dug and poured last week. The congregation sends its many thanks to the ones that were responsible for the hard work that has been done so far. Sunday, Aug. 25, will be the annual Ice-Cream Social. It will be 5-7:30 p.m. Jim Vanordstrand and some friends will play music.

• Barry and Tim Lyon took their truck and Barry’s Jeep down to the mud run Aug. 10; it was quite a family affair.

• School started at Midway on Aug. 15. There are around six new teachers that also will be starting. Two of the teachers are Midway graduates.

• Happy Birthday: Damon Irvin 16th , Gene Adams, Jacob Kraft, Lynn (Lomax) Tucker 17th. Della Bailey 18th, Tim Dryer 19th.

• Happy Anniversary: Johnny and Nova Lynn Kraft 19th.

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