Harrisonville tax levy to increase

bbashioum@demo-mo.comAugust 30, 2013 

As part of the city of Harrisonville’s ongoing budget talks, Board of Aldermen approved raising the city’s tax levy.

The approved ordinance called for the tax to be set at $.6938 for every $100 of personal property value, increasing the city’s tax levy revenues to $813,377 to pay for city expenses and the maintenance of public parks.

The decision was made by a vote of 6-2, with Ward 2 Morris Coburn and Ward 3 David Dickerson in opposition during a special meeting Aug. 26, following a second reading of the bill.

The levy is expected to generate approximately $1,521 more in tax due to new construction and $6,063 more in tax due to changes in personal property value from last year.

Last year, the BOA approved a $.6849 property tax levy increase.

While the levy is slightly higher than in the current year, City Administrator Keith Moody said property owners will likely see no increase in the actual amount they paid in taxes in 2013 due to a decrease in personal property values.

Prior to the vote, Harrisonville resident Brian Hasek voiced opposition to proposed levy rate. “I wanted to say again that I feel there is no need for the increase in the levy,” he said. “I understand the concept when property values drop you raise your levy, but I don’t think finances are handled the best way. The point I make is if you don’t raise the rate, people pay a lesser amount. It’s the principle of the matter.”

In other meeting business, aldermen approved the following items:

A permit request for Heartland Baptist Fellowship Ministry to host a 4.1 mile walk 8-11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 31.

A first reading of an ordinance to rezone property located west of the MNA Railroad, south of 267th Street and north of 275th Street, and east of the Grand River, to a light industrial district.

An ordinance providing for the extension of the city limits by annexing adjacent territory owned by Jemor Farms and Margaret Jean Grogger into Harrisonville by a vote of 7-1.

An ordinance authorizing the city administrator to execute an agreement with Breit Construction for the purpose of repairing sewer line on property owned by Bill Clark located on Ash Street, across from City Park not to exceed $37,120.

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