Ray-Pec scores well on state performance report

September 6, 2013 

The Raymore-Peculiar School District has good news on its performance and accreditation status. Ray-Pec achieved 130.5 out of 140 total points, for a 93.2 percent score, on its Annual Performance Report.

The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released the Annual Performance Report scores for all school districts in the state.

The APR is used to determine a school district’s accreditation. The score is based on these criteria:

1. Academic Achievement, 56 points possible (Ray-Pec received 56)

2. Subgroup Achievement, 14 points possible (Ray-Pec received 13)

3. College and Career Ready, 30 points possible (Ray-Pec received 21.5)

4. Attendance, 10 points possible (Ray-Pec received 10)

5. Graduation rate, 30 points possible (Ray-Pec received 30)

“While there is still work to be done in certain areas, we are proud of the students and staff for achieving these results,” said Kevin Daniel, Assistant Superintendent for Academic Services.

Individual schools also receive scores based on the number of points available for a particular grade span. Each school in the Ray-Pec School District achieved at least 90 percent of its possible points.

The APR is part of the fifth cycle of the Missouri School Improvement Plan continuous improvement process. School districts in Missouri are in the first year of the fifth cycle of MSIP. Additional information about the fifth cycle of MSIP can be found here: http://dese.mo.gov/qs/MSIP5.html

“The new system provides more feedback and helps us focus on preparing students for their future beyond our school district – we are certainly pleased with the efforts of our students and staff to meet ever increasing standards,” said Kari Monsees, Superintendent of Schools.

The Ray-Pec School District has been accredited with distinction in performance since 2006-2007. The APR score helps determine whether a district is accredited with distinction, accredited, provisionally accredited, or unaccredited.

Because this is the first year of a new cycle of MSIP, the criteria for accreditation with distinction are still being established.

The most recent information from the state indicates that school districts that score at least 90 percent on the APR and meet additional criteria set by the Missouri State Board of Education will qualify for accreditation with distinction.

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