HSD encourages positive fan experience

September 13, 2013 

The Harrisonville School District is seeking continued community and parent support for a program implemented to ensure all fans’ experience at Wildcat activities is a positive one.

The Wildcat Way is a program designed to teach students how to exhibit positive character traits in their daily lives. The Wildcat Way for Fans encourages positive fan participation. The three key components are as follows.

•  Be respectful – treat participants, coaches, referees/umpires, and other fans with dignity.

•  Be a true fan – watch the game/event and show your support for the Wildcats.

•  Be proud – wear royal blue, stand up during the fight song, cheer with the cheerleaders.

Families who attend sporting events are encouraged to take a moment to talk to children about the proper way to act as a Wildcat fan using the Wildcat Way as a guide. Topics to stress include the idea that running around and horseplay are not acceptable and that movement from your seat should be limited. When it is necessary to get up, the Wildcat Way is to use proper manners when crossing in front of other fans and returning to your seats as soon as you can. The Wildcat Way for Fans also means that unsportsmanlike or negative cheering is not acceptable.

Finally, the district encourages families to attend events together and to limit student attendance at the game without parental supervision.

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