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October 11, 2013 

An open letter to Vicky Hartzler:

You have decided to side with the all or nothing crowd. Your position seems to be undo the Affordable Care Act or nothing gets done. The recent government shutdown has made it increasingly clear that Obamacare is not going to be undone by using the budget approval process as leverage. I hope that you are not even considering the debt ceiling as leverage. The consequences of default to our economy and the American people are too dire. So the question becomes - How much pain are you willing to inflict on your constituents and the country when your policy goal to undo Obamacare is not going to be attained using these tactics?

If democracy is going to work, then you have to agree that if you are outvoted, you accept the results and prepare for the next election. Republicans during the current "government by crisis" have refused to recognize this basic tenet of our democracy. I urge you to abandon the current path; urge your colleagues and leadership to do the same, bring a clean continuing resolution to a vote, and live to fight another day. Unnecessary damage to the country, the economy, and lives is being done by the undemocratic strategy being pursued by you, the Tea Party faction, and the Republican leadership in the House. It needs to stop.

The responsible and constitutional way to govern is to present positive solutions to our nations problems as you see them.

Persuade people that your positions on the issues are correct. Win elections. Present legislation to address the problems, but if you don't have the votes to win accept the results. No more crisis!

Eric Christensen

Garden City

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