City leaders give BDF thumbs up

bbashioum@demo-mo.comOctober 11, 2013 

Harrisonville city leaders have given organizers of the community’s annual Burnt District Festival a thumbs up for a successful event.

Mayor Kevin Wood, along with several aldermen, noted their praise during a regular Board of Aldermen meeting Oct. 7.

“There is nothing like a festival to bring a community together,” Wood said.

The event was organized by the Harrisonville Chamber and the city of Harrisonville, Oct. 4-5 on the historic square.

Chamber President Obie Carl also thanked the city for their involvement in the festivities during the meeting.

“I want to thank the city for participating in a very, very successful Burnt District Festival. I take my hat off to the city for the very professional attitude of everyone involved,” Carl said. “(Public Works Director) Rodney Jacobs and his crew worked tirelessly, and (Police Chief) John Hofer was everywhere that he was needed. Alderman Marcia Milner worked many hours both before the festival planning, and during the festival.”

Carl also thanked Clint Miller and John Teague for their in organizing the parade, and Chamber office staff Sara Craig and LynnDa Roberts for their work.

In other meeting business, Alderman made the following actions:

Presented a service award to Joe Devine of the Electric Department for 25 years of service to the city.

Appointed Murad Hasam to a four-year term on the Planning and Zoning Commission; Re-appointed Chuck Jones and Cody to four-year terms on the Planning and Zoning Commission; Re-appointed Keith Debrot as an alternate member to a five-year term on the board of Zoning Adjustment; and re-appointed Larry Snider to a six-year term on the Industrial Development Authority.

Approved a request to allow a Twin Oaks Street block party 4-10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 19 by vote of 7-0.

Approved an ordinance 7-0 to amend the city’s animal regulations to require pet owners to attach city-issued tags their pet’s collar. Aldermen also approved changes to the ordinance to require found stray animals to receive a microchip to assist with positively identifying each animal and allowing for a quick return to its owner.

Approved an ordinance 7-0 to change wording in the ordinance concerning 24-hour parking in city lots to remove the word “motor” in the wording “motor vehicle” to include trailers.

Approved an ordinance 6-1 to enact a primary seat belt law to allow officers to stop motorists who are not wearing a safety belt, without the need for additional law violations. Enforcement of the ordinance will be used as an opportunity to educate the public on seat belt usage rather than as a punishment or fine to the offender, Hofer said.

Approved a resolution 7-0 authorizing the city administrator to enter into a contract with Commenco for cameras and data at the new police department in an amount not to exceed $65,506.02.

Approved a resolution 7-0 authorizing the city administrator to enter into a contract with Protection One Security Solutions for controlled entry to the new police building in an amount not to exceed $17,715.

Approved a resolution 7-0 to terminate a previously-granted easement between the city of Harrisonville and Jones Operations.

Heard a presentation from City Administrator Keith Moody on 2012 Performance Measures in regard to Human Resources, Information Technology, Building Inspections, Code Enforcement and Parks/Recreation.

The city’s goal is to have 90 percent of the performance measures to be better than average.

Of the 17 performance measures included in Part 1, Harrisonville had 14 categories that were better than average, or 82 percent. In 2011, the city was at 65 percent.

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