3-year old associations

October 25, 2013 

My daughter has an amazing memory.

And who could blame her?

When you think a trip the story equals a cookie each and every time, I think as a kid I would have remembered that, too.

As a dad, one of the many things I am guilty of with Addy is allowing those associations to become reality.

The second we pull into the grocery store parking lot, her little brain starts in:

“Dada, I want a pink cart,” she says in that slightly demanding but still so-darn-cute way.

I invariably always explain to her that, yes, while I can control such things as what we have for dinner and if she gets dessert, the whole “pink cart” thing is really a crap shoot.

Of course, I don’t use “that” word. I think I called it a “gamble.”

Sometimes the pink cart is there. Sometimes the blue or orange or black one is the only racing-car-kid-friendly cart.

If her favorite color is not available, though, the disappointment is fleeting. See, she’s on to her next conquest.

“We gonna get a cookie?”

Again, the words usually come with a big, toothy grin, a hug and maybe even a kiss.

God she’s good.

Once I work my way through produce, I can usually drag myself back to the bakery to spot out if any of the “freebie” cookies are available.

What’s funny is she could care less about what kind of cookie it is. In fact, she rarely finishes it. I think the conquest for any self-respecting 3-year-old is just securing the cookie.

Addy also associates visits to the office with a few things, namely a Dum-Dums sucker.

I have no idea how so many of these have made it into my office, but the kid has a mind like a steel trap. She bee-lines over to my desk and looks in the approximate place she thinks the candy might be hiding.

Of course, all the associations aren’t food related, but man does this one seem to latch on to those.

In a week she’s hitting the dentist again. I’m wondering if those suckers and cookies may come back to bite us.

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