11-8 Letters to the Editor

November 8, 2013 

Dear Editor:

As the long time announcer for Midway football, I would like to pay tribute to the 11 Archie Whirlwind football players who suited up and played in the district playoff game at Midway Oct. 31. Granted, Archie lost to Midway by a score of 55-0, but there were 10 of those 11 who played every down and every series the entire evening, as they were the only ones who were able to play that evening, due to various circumstances that I do not have enough information on which to comment. The 11th player only stood on the field for the first play of the game, as he was injured.

It would have been easy for the Whirlwinds to just forfeit the game and not even show up, but by playing the game these 11 young men demonstrated a pride in their school and team that goes beyond the game itself. Although out classed and out numbered, these young men gave it their best shot, and in doing so represented their school well.

I just want to personally salute these young men and their coaches for standing up for their principles and for just playing the game, demonstrating sportsmanship and determination even when the odds were against them.

David L. Ullery

“Voice of the Vikings”


Dear Editor:

What never seems to be said by Hartzler and the other opponents of the Affordable Care Act is that the States who chose to set up their own Exchanges (and web sites) are doing quite well. Many are close to meeting their enrollment goals already. It is the 34 States who foolishly chose to depend on the Federal Government to set up their Exchanges (and provide them a web site) who are having problems they are powerless to correct. The Missouri Legislature may have gambled that they could overturn the Constitutional process before the deadline, but they were wrong. Excuse me Ms. Hartzler et al, next time consider the welfare of Missourians, not just your narrow ideology. With all due respect, we told you so.

John Walkup


Dear Editor:

A number of weeks ago, one of our local newspapers made the decision to cease printing Rep. Hartzler’s weekly messages. Indeed, they are a source of frustration to those of us whose expectations go beyond blaming the President and the Democrats for preventing Rep.Hartzler from getting anything accomplished in Washington.

Indeed, we read the same ramblings and rhetoric from our state senator, Ed Emery, who, despite knowing that every school district in his senatorial district was against House Bill 253, as well as many other community organizations, continued to vote against our “evil government,” whoever that is, and cast his vote of support for HB 253 again during the Veto Session, to protect us from those who were against HB 253. That would include the evil public schools, aid to the poor and disadvantaged and selfish entities like Head Start and Mental Health Services and the Missouri Retired Teachers Association. Oh, and we are supposed to trust our “friends” in the House and Senate to fix the part of the HB253 that placed a tax on prescription drugs, because that was a small error in the bill. Mr. Emery made the comment that those lawmakers who voted to sustain the veto on HB 253 and on HB 436 lacked courage. I assert that they were the few who showed not only courage to vote against party bosses, but also courage to vote for their constituents.

I think it’s becoming more apparent that the interpretation of some of our constitutional rights, including second amendment rights, without responsibility or restriction (HB 436) is becoming ludicrous, when a loaded gun is left in our Capitol Building’s men’s room by a congressional aide. It should also be noted that HB 253 would have taken tax money from mental health services at the same time Sen. Emery, Rick Brattin, Chris Molendorp and other loyal Republican lawmakers wanted HB 436 to take federal oversight of firearms out of our state. There’s something wrong with this thinking. I think it’s called placing campaign money before common sense.

To Mr. Emery’s credit, I wrote letters of concern about HB 253 to lawmakers in our area and, even though his reply to me stated that he was going to ignore my views, at least he had the courtesy to answer my communications.

Barbara Boucher


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