Trouble with the redzone

syeagle@demo-mo.comNovember 13, 2013 

Five times Midway got within 30 yards of a touchdown. But the Vikings scored only once.

And it wasn’t enough to propel Midway past Osceola in the Class 1 district championship game Nov. 11 at Midway.

“Biggest thing was, we were in scoring territory four or five times and didn’t do it,” Midway head coach Larry Burchett said. “They were in it once and did it.”

The Vikings turned over possession on their first drive of the game on the 29-yard line. After the Indians punted, Midway took the possession into the second quarter, where Osceola’s Trevor Dean intercepted a pass on the 5-yard line.

The Indians took advantage of that possession, marching slowly down the field to eventually score on a 1-yard run by Driston Self with 15.7 seconds remaining in the game.

The Vikings took the kickoff to the 40-yard line and senior quarterback Peyton Semsch picked up a first down on the 41-yard line. Semsch carried the ball again and with a personal foul late hit on Osceola, got to the 13-yard line as time expired. The Vikings were allowed one more play, but the pass to sophomore running back Luke Boyer went incomplete in the end zone to end the half.

Osceola punted away its first drive of the third quarter and Midway finally found the end zone. Semsch capped the drive with a 16-yard touchdown run with 3:45 minutes remaining.

But the Vikings decided to go for the 2-point conversion and Semsch was brought down on his carry attempt, leaving the Indians ahead 7-6.

“We talked at half about that,” Burchett said. “The consensus of all of us was that we would go for two. So we did. We really felt like we would be able to go down the field and score again.”

But that didn’t work out for the Vikings. After Osceola punted again, Midway took their next possession into the fourth quarter, turning the ball over on downs at the 34-yard line. After another Indian punt, the Vikings carried the ball to the 33-yard line for a first down.

But senior running back Shane White was pushed back for a 5-yard loss. The Vikings took a time out with 2:39 minutes remaining. Then Semsch was sacked back to the 45-yard line and Midway was facing third down with 20 yards to go. Semsch picked up five yards on his carry to make it fourth and15. And although Boyer caught the pass from Semsch, he was brought down too early on the 26-yard line, to turn over the ball on downs.

Osceola wasted the final minute off the clock, taking a knee to end the game.

“The few times we had the ball, we took it right down the field,” Burchett said. “They punted it five times and we never punted. We just didn’t take advantage of the scoring opportunities that we got.”

Midway marks Osceola’s lone loss on the season, as the Vikings defeated the Indians 18-3 in the first game of the season.

Semsch alone carried the ball 162 yards on 25 attempts and completed three of nine passes for 33 yards. Clay Dahman had 76 yards on 15 carries and Boyer had 29 yard son six carries.

Joey Beller and Tanner Yahnig both had 10 total tackles each. Semsch had nine tackles and Zeb Love had six tackles.

Midway, 11-1, may have ended their stellar season, but the Vikings still outscored their opponents 428-56 and had six shutouts in 12 games.

“Defensively, we were as good as about any defensive team that has ever been out here,” Burchett said. “Maybe the way we were winning games hurt us in the end.”

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