Nov. 15 Community News & Notes

November 15, 2013 

East Lynne

By Mischaele Bearce

• East Lynne had three medical calls for the week. Nov. 11 was board meeting with Max Schmoll, Howard Raffurty, Jackie Groblebe, Connie Kudron, Cyndi Ramage, Mischaele and John Bearce, and Tommie Faulkenberry. They are getting bids for a new air-conditioning system in the office. The fire hydrants look really nice and bright red with the Boy Scouts from Garden City earning a badge for the volunteer work.

• Linda and Jack Cox had a wonderful time riding their bikes on the Katy Trails. The colors on the trees are just awesome. They also went to Hannibal.

• Samara and Crystal Gonzalez dressed up as sacks of potatoes for Halloween and entered a contest and family video and took second place.

• The East Lynne Parents Group would like to thank the parents and other members of the community who helped make this year’s Trunk or Treat a success by donating their time and treats: Vicki Newkirk, Sherri Bruton, Pinky Lantsberger, Cindy Long, Diana Liford, Kaye McCarthy, Chris Langsdale, Christina Langsdale, Alana Martin, Sue Miller, Janet and Robert Stone, Karen Muller, Shane and Lynne Helm, Jacqueline Akins, Sylvia Richter, Lisa Corson, Kevin and Joanna Barnard, Forrest and Katie Thurman, Patti Dahn, RC Rushly, John Brinkley, the eighth-grade class of 2014 and anyone else we might have missed.

• Happy birthday to Martin Miller, Joseph Shook, Adriece Atty, Proctor Keyton, Jacob Leeper, Brook Airrington, Wanda Carrell, Tony Dunn, Tina Long, Jacob Dunn, Misty Terrell, Barbara Call, Tara Mefford, Ashton Goodring and Deirn Thomas.


By Nina Kemper

• Well, after a very wonderful football season, the Midway Vikings were defeated by Osceola on Nov. 11 by a score of 7-6. I know the boys are disappointed, but they have nothing to hang their heads about. They have had a wonderful season and made it further in the playoffs than a lot of teams. We’re still very proud of our Midway Vikings.

• The Walmart Retirees will meet at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 19, at Diamond Rays. If you retired from Walmart or were a long-time associate, please join this group.

• There will be no Freeman Community Club breakfast Saturday, Nov. 30, or Saturday, Dec. 28. They will start up again in January. Thank you for your patronization this past year.

• There was no Senior Citizen Bingo in November due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. Hopefully there will be something in December so please watch this section for news.

• Congratulations to Nicholas and Megan Rodriquez on their marriage Nov. 9.

• We extend our sympathy to the family and friends of Gary Bogar, who died Nov. 8.

• Larry Parker had “an old Army wound” flare up and also managed to break his foot in West Line on Nov. 8. We wish him a speedy recovery from the “wound” and also his broken foot.

• My Iowa family had something unusual happen Nov. 9 in Des Moines. My great-niece got married at 4 p.m. and her sister gave birth to a baby girl at 4:02 p.m.

• Nov. 11, our veterans and current service people were honored with many activities in honor of Veterans’ Day. There was an assembly at Cass Midway put on by the FFA that honored veterans. John Ullery, Freeman’s oldest veteran, was in attendance accompanied by his son David Ullery. Both served in the Army and both were in Germany. All branches of the service were honored.

• Some birthdays for next week include: Nov. 16 - Bob Zoog and Bryan Ring; Nov. 17 - Vince Farr and Don Smither; Nov. 18 - Greg Buck; Nov. 19 - Larry Lee, Phil Terry and Joey Semsch; Nov. 20 - Pat Mueller; Nov. 21 - Mary Ann Davenport; Nov. 22 - Kylie Sanders; Nov. 23 - Abby Linder, Rick Linder and Earl Geivett.

• Some anniversaries for next week include: Nov. 16 - Harold and Marietta Davis; Nov. 19 - Don and Nancy Swartz.

West Line

By Gail Lyon

• The church has received many donations for the new edition. Everyone is so thankful for them. . The funds that have come in lately will be enough for the siding to finish the outside before winter. The Harvest Dinner and craft sale was a big success. We still have a few craft items left. Jenny Welch would like to thank everyone for all their help and coming to the dinner and giving donations. Don’t forget your Operation Christmas Child Boxes are due Sunday, Nov. 17. I did the Veterans’ Day Program. It was a real honor to thank them for their service. There were poems and a story of a man seeing a fallen soldier being brought home to his family. The little kids sang “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” They were great. If you are a veteran and reading this, thank you for your service.

• The Midway football team lost the game Nov. 11 by one point. It was a sad night. The Osceola boys came to win that game and they did. Now Midway will start basketball.

• My grandkids came over this weekend and it was a busy one. Nathan left Nov. 9 with his dad for a birthday party sleepover. Their dad was hunting all weekend. After church Nov. 10, I took the girls home. It was a wonderful weekend.

• Happy Birthday: Myra Payne 15th, Larry Wayman, Gail Lyon, Emma Lyon, Josiah Page 16th, Vince Farr, Mark Bailey, Angie (Fort) 19th, Albert Bailey, Mark Tarwater, Loran Wayman 20th, and Donna Barrett 21st.

• Happy Anniversary: Ron and Ruth Ann Dane 17th.

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