Veterans Day ceremony held at Sherwood

November 29, 2013 

A Veterans Day Remembrance ceremony was held at Sherwood High School Nov. 11.

The local veterans that were recognized by high school principal Bill Stackhouse during the “Veteran Spotlight” were Merlin Richman, Robert Oswald, Nate Owen and Justin Owen. Tribute was shown by the Sherwood Singers and the Sherwood band.

The keynote speaker was Capt. Steven Carter. Capt. Carter enlisted in the Army in 1991 and served until 1998 in Korea, Germany, Bosnia and Kosovo. Some of his military positions included transportation, logistics, human resources and military intelligence.

Since 2006, Capt. Carter has been full-time with the Missouri National Guard where he is currently the Headquarter Company Commander. Capt. Carter shared about his journey regarding his outlook on life and how it has changed. He started by defining what his goals were in high school and how he focused on himself. However, as he was in the military his focus shifted, instead of thinking about himself, it became about others. He challenged the students to start looking beyond themselves.

Capt. Carter finished his address by encouraging the students to approach things as a team. As a team, we can defend, help, and support those who are not able to do that for themselves. As a team, missions can be accomplished.

Those in attendance welcomed a surprise guest. Staff Sgt. Amber Wilson, a Sherwood teacher, was able to greet everyone via Skype. She is currently in Afghanistan working as the motor Sgt. (ground maintenance) and on the unit’s public affairs.

Wilson served in Iraq from 2005-05. She said the main difference between the two was Iraq was a combat mission and now their goal is shutting down the camps. She said there are two things she will always remember from this deployment: the smell and working with military units from all over the world. She advised Sherwood students to brush their teeth and change their socks daily.

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