2013’s “thankful” list

November 29, 2013 

I suppose everyone’s list of “things to be thankful for” changes drastically every year.

Family issues, health, careers, finances, relationships and children force us to redo our inventory of things we are appreciative for, seemingly each and every year.

For me, it’s a growing daughter, an ever-changing newspaper business, new adventures in the community and the curveballs of life that have me thinking about what I can truly be grateful for.

My thankful list for 2013 is sappy, sweet, sincere and a little bit of political parody:

First and foremost, I am thankful for my precious Adaline Sophia, the most tenacious and entertaining 3-year-old I have ever known.

For all the members of this community that read the Cass County Democrat Missourian (and therefore, are forced into constant updates on said 3-year-old), I am thankful you still find value in your local, community newspaper.

And for that matter, I am thankful for all printed publications that still face the grind every single day. Journalism is a noble industry and community newspapers continue to be part of the solution while we shine a light on some of our problems.

I am thankful that county politics in Cass has settled quite a bit this calendar year. Thinking back to where we were a year ago, it seems improbable that we’ve gotten to this point. With some dedicated work and people working toward the success of Cass County, just think where we will be in another year.

I’m thankful that 2014 is an election year, both locally and for the mid-terms for U.S. Congress and Senate. It’s time to make some changes all over.

I am thankful for all of my co-workers at the Democrat Missourian. Each member of this team brings a skill set and talents to our newspaper that has helped make us one of the best weeklies in the state of Missouri.

We should all be thankful for the many charitable organizations in Cass County, many of whom do some of their best work around this time of year to make sure all families have a happy holiday season, a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable family dinner.

I’m thankful I have health insurance. And that I did keep my policy.

I’m thankful for successful local prep sports teams. They’ve made Cass County more than proud in 2013.

I’m thankful for a judicious and sensible local court system that has made some wise judgments in 2013.

And I’m thankful for (almost) 40 years on this earth, more than 23 of which has been spent in the proud field of journalism.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Celebrate your families, your health, your hopes and your lives.

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