Two charged after kidnapping man and woman

Cass County Democrat MissourianJanuary 9, 2014 

Two people are in the Cass County Jail after being charged with kidnapping following an incident when they and two others kept a man and a woman against their will because they thought one of the victims had stolen money.


Police found the female victim after she escaped from the suspect and ran to a nearby residence where the homeowner called police just before 3 a.m. Jan. 8.


The female was found shivering and upset. Authorities also observed the victim to have zip ties fastened around her left wrist and ankle.


According to a probable cause statement, the victim told police that she had been staying at 15703 Richmond Ave., Belton, but wanted to leave, so she had returned to the home to retrieve some property that she had left there.


When she arrived at the home, she was greeted by another suspect, who police identified as Green. Green accused the victim of stealing $900 from the owner of the residence, who was identified as “Walters” by police.


The female denied taking the money. Green then ordered a man who was waiting outside in a truck was ordered into the home by Green.


Inside the home, the female victim was ordered to strip nude as Green searched her clothes and other belongings.


Jessica Cayton, 29, Belton, then was allegedly ordered by Green to go find a pair of cutting shears. Green shaved a strip of hair from the female victim’s head before he allowed her to get dressed.


The male victim was then taken to the living room area in the home where he was ordered to strip down to his boxer shorts. He was then forced to lay on the floor as Green, Cayton, and a third suspect, 19-year-old Joseph Ford-Gray, Lee’s Summit, placed zip-ties around his wrists and ankles.


The female victim reports that she was also binded with the zip-ties.


Green continued to integrate the female victim about the money.


She told him that she may have dropped it at a gas station in Kansas City and advised that he and another suspect, “Thomas,” to go look for it.


Green and Thomas left the residence to go look for the money. The female victim was able to escape after the two other suspects left the home for a short time.


After the female victim was able to make contact with police, Belton officers went back to the home in attempt to make contact with the other suspects and to check on the other victim.


Police made entry into the home, using force, where the victim, Cayton and Ford-Gray were found. The two suspects were taken into custody.


The other two suspects did not return to the residence and are still being sought by police


After obtaining a search warrant, Belton police made a sweep of the residence. Investigators found a bag of zip-ties, human hair that appeared to be recently cut, and the belongings of both victims that had been removed from the truck they arrived in.


Cayton and Ford-Gray refused to interview with police and requested attorneys.


They were booked in the Belton jail before they were transported to the Cass County Jail on Jan. 9.


Both are being held on $100,000 cash-only bonds.

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