1-10 Letters to the Editor

January 10, 2014 

Dear Editor:

To Harrisonville Parks, consistently terrific job on parks throughout our community.

Also, a shout out for a terrific job to Cass County Disposal. I don't give them much thought, you put the trash out and they get it, but even on Christmas Day? I couldn't believe it was picked up on Christmas. I couldn't get hot coffee out fast enough, but thanks.

The Mayor and council and all those that serve on boards, thanks. Harrisonville is fortunate to have a terrific street department. They do wonders with a tight budget, great job Rodney Jacobs and the whole crew and the same for all those at the utilities.

Harrisonville is a good city because of good people. Same reason we have good services, we have our friends acquaintance taking care of us, power lines, water, phones, you name it. Yes, many things need attention, but on the whole, pretty good. Harrisonville is a good place to hang your hat, do business, call home, raise a family and enjoy friends.

We need new business so we can afford our high school and college graduates a place to come back after school. Lots of brilliant talent being lost to our community. Harrisonville is still a place you can go to the store and see friends down every aisle, so it takes twice as long, but who cares.

Flat tire on a street and you’ll have two or three cars stopping to help (or at least tell you how to do it).

New police building looks good, needed, a vast improvement for the department and the community. John Hofer, you've done a good job with the force in several ways.

While I appreciate the social and school news, I'm interested in additional news about our community and business from our paper but nice job allowing the community a voice. Best when news informs and educates.

As with any community, Harrisonville is a reflection of the people that live here. We are blessed with a community made up of good people, shared interests and common goals that we call home.

While we don’t have big-city entertainment, we have so much more. We’re a community where your family doctor can help you at the gas station and always has time (Dr. Price) or you can yell at your dentist for taking off a Sunday when you get a toothache (Dr. Tarwater). My family has established strong roots in this community now for almost 40 years, we’ve made friends we cherish and to each and every one of you and all the citizens of Harrisonville, from each of us in the Zaroor family, our very best for a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

Phillip Zaroor


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