Jan. 17 Community News & Notes

January 17, 2014 

East Lynne

By Mischaele Bearce

• East Lynne Fire Department was extremely busy this week. Some of the calls were mutual aid to Pleasant Hill for a structural and then we left there to work a call of our own. There also was a carbon monoxide detector call, a motor vehicle accident that was unfounded, a structural in Gunn City, and two medicals. Board on Jan. 13 was talking about who had put their bids in for the replacement of Howard Raffurty in April. If you are interested and live in the East Lynne area, you need to get a-hold of Howard by Friday, Jan. 17, to fill out the paperwork due to Monday, Jan. 20, being a holiday and Harrisonville Courthouse will be closed. Those who attended the board meeting were Howard Raffurty, Max Schmoll, Bob Brunner, John and Mischaele Bearce, Connie Kudron, Cyndi Ramage, and Jackie Groblebe.

• At 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 30, at East Lynne Fire Department, there will a Silver Manor annual meeting and the bylaws state that we need 30 percent of the membership to be there. If you were a past member or would like to take part in the Silver Manor volunteer movement, please plan to attend.

• Friday, Jan. 24, the East Lynne Drama Club will present “Big Bad.” In a fairytale adventure, Mr. Big Bad Wolf finds himself on trial. Mrs. Evil Stepmother is trying to defend him but is going up against the well-known prosecuting attorney, Mrs. Fairy Godmother. Witnesses testifying include the three little pigs, the lumberjack and many others who were affected by his terrible crimes. Also we will begin the evening with an original sketch called “The Sleepover Disaster.” This sketch features the beloved Disney princesses who are invited to a birthday sleepover.

• Just an update on Sarah Cantrell’s boy. Aaron Cantrell had a heart catheter with procedure done Jan. 13. Everything went well and worked.. We need to keep Aaron and his family and grandparents, Nancy and J. Cantrell, in our prayers.

• Happy birthday to Warren Miller, Renoah Merritt, Wyatt Winter, Megan Richter, Max Schmoll, Vivan Hartzler, Michelle Uselton, Cara Jo Weseman, Dan Johnson, Jim Holt, Andrew Arnold, Any Shackleford, Jennifer Christiansen, and Dakota Bettes.

• Happy anniversary to Joan and Robert Cox.


By Nina Kemper

• The Walmart Retirees will meet at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 21, Diamonds Rays for the regular monthly luncheon. If you retired from Walmart or were a long-time associate, please join this group.

• Get well wishes go to Awnee Henness, who has spent some time in the hospital.

• Virginia Lee had cataract surgery Jan. 15.

• After temperatures below zero last week, these much warmer temperatures are appreciated. I think everyone is ready for spring.

• The Freeman Community Club met Jan. 9 with a small group in attendance. The first breakfast of 2014 will be 8-10 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 25. Come out and enjoy some great food and some great fellowship.

• Some birthdays for next week include: Jan. 19 - Derek Davis; Jan. 20 - Christelle Porter; Jan. 23 - Hunter Oakes; Jan. 24 - Jeri Barnes; Jan. 25 - Lance Sanders.

• Anniversary wishes go to Kim and Don Williams on Jan. 24.

West Line

By Gail Lyon

• Wow, West Line Church has some sheet rock on the new walls. Thank you so much for the donations. There will be a Ladies’ Aides meeting right after church Sunday, Jan. 26. The Building Fund-Raiser Meeting will be the secnd Tuesday of the month.

• Ray and Donna Barrett had the birthday for January party. They served hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, cake and ice cream. Eric Sechrest and Jessica Kirby were the honorees.

• The annual Midway Basketball Tournament is coming in February.

• Thanks to those who cleared the roads and the driveways in West Line during the bad weather.

• Don’t forget, we have a beauty salon and a photography business in town.

• Happy Birthday: Justin Beshore 17th, Jodie Whitcraft 18th, Brad Richardson, Justin Spellman, Ashlyn Busta 19th, Marcella Beth Davis, Romaine Dennis 21st.

• Happy Anniversary: Jim and Nora Evins 18th, George and Nita Cochran 20th.

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