The year of the politician

January 17, 2014 

Cass County, like the nation, will be deep into politics in 2014.

Local, county and state races will dot the ballots in April, August and November in this, a mid-term election year.

Filing for state and county offices are upon us and we may see some new names added to a list of political office holders.

It truly could be the year of the politician in Cass County, if for no other reason than opportunity.

Opportunity is all around us as we start this New Year.

Sure, we start it with a low approval rating for everyone from Congress to President Barack Obama.

And we continue on a tepid trail of economic and job growth, not only in Missouri but nationwide.

From coast to coast, politicians have largely negative PR trends lately. And some, for good reason.

Those tend to soften as we approach the local level of government, where, fortunately, we are supposed to be working together on a more non-partisan level and for the betterment of our communities.

Polarizing issues like gun control, healthcare and even shutting down lanes of a bridge for political gamesmanship simply dont resonate when we drill down to smaller levels of government.

And for that, we can all thank the good Lord.

But we do have issues to tackle and priorities in our individual towns and county wide.

Ongoing budget concerns will need ongoing fiscal prudence and communication on the county level.

Cities, particularly Harrisonville, will be wading in the bond issue waters this year as they prepare to package and sell a half-cent sales tax to improve our roads.

Prospects for improvement are all around us and those dipping their toes into the political waters either in re-election or as a new campaign have a huge advantage in 2014 to effect some real change and show leadership. Leadership that is particularly visible and helpful as progress in Jefferson City and Washington, D.C. often seems to be at a standstill.

Every elected office at a local level has both a tremendous responsibility and tremendous ability when it comes to turning words into action.

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