Cass County scoreboard

February 7, 2014 


Cass scoreboard

Girls swimming

Belton finished up its regular season with victories over Grandview and Raytown South and a narrow loss to Raytown. The Pirates ended the dual meet portion of our season at 13-11.

Top six finishes were turned in by the following girls:

200 Medley Relay: 1. Hally Nelson, Gabby Biondo, Jaylee Steinman, Katie Giacone; 5. Aubrie Vaughn, Heather Hutchison, Allison Hensley, Molly Chevalier; 6. Kaitlyn DeKam, Savanna McWilliams, Taylor Rosenfelt, Rachel Hoffman.

200 Freestyle: 2. Rachel Hoffman, 5. Kylie Giacone, 6.Aubrie Vaughn.

200 IM: 3. Kaitlyn DeKam.

50 Freestyle: 1. Katie Giacone, 4. Lizzie Smith, 5. Jaylee Steinman.

100 Butterfly: 4. Jaylee Steinman.

100 Freestyle: 1. Allie Floyd, 3. Lizzie Smith, 6. Allison Hensley.

500 Freestyle: 2. Kaitlyn DeKam, 6. Christiann Sapp.

200 Freestyle Relay: 2. Lizzie Smith, Allie Floyd, Rachel Hoffman, Katie Giacone; 3. Hally Nelson, Selena Haunty, Kylie Giacone, Molly Chevalier; 5. Anna Biondo, Heather Hutchison, Alexis Mancilla, Allison Hensley.

100 Backstroke: 2. Hally Nelson, 3. Taylor Rosenfelt, 4. Aubrie Vaughn, 5. Selena Haunty.

100 Breaststroke: 2. Katie Giacone, 4. Gabby Biondo, 6. Anna Biondo.

400 Freestyle Relay: 2. Jaylee Steinman, Lizzie Smith, Allie Floyd, Kaitlyn DeKam; 4. Selena Haunty, Taylor Rosenfelt, Kylie Giacone, Anna Biondo.

Jan. 29: Ray-Pec at North Kansas City dual

Ray-Pec’s swimmers achieved several personal bests, and the 200 freestyle relay team of Sierra Page, Morgan McBride, Taylor Felz, and Maddi Brusick broke the school record again to come within 1.5 seconds of a state-qualifying time. Page is close to her state cut in the 50 freestyle, and Maddi Brusick is less than 1 second from her state cut in the 100 freestyle and 100 backstroke.


Jan. 30: Sherwood 48, Butler 24.0

106: Dalton Bush, SHER, forf. . 113: double forfeit. 120: double forfeit. 126: Brandon Cichowski, SHER, pinned Justen Waters, BRV, 3:57. 132: Trey Heckadon, BRV, forf. . 138: Tayje VanVoorst, BRV, pinned Aleksey Lyle, SHER, 2:45. 145: Brett Behringer, BRV, forf. . 152: Alexander Vestal, SHER, pinned Kaleb Hurshman, BRV, 4:37. 160: Curtis Quick, SHER, forf. . 170: Hunter Davis, SHER, pinned AJ Durnell, BRV, 4:24. 182: Chance Landsman, SHER, pinned Duane Gaylord, BRV, 0:22. 195: Derek Scott, SHER, forf. . 220: Kaleb Leimkuehler, SHER, forf. . 285: Robert Anderson, BRV, pinned Humphreys Jacob, SHER, 0:14.

Jan. 30: Van Horn 60.0, Sherwood 24.

106: Dalton Bush, SHER, forf. . 113: Deymi Gonzales, VHI, forf. . 120: Jayme Kennedy, VHI, forf. . 126: Marcus Wilkins, VHI, pinned Brandon Cichowski, SHER, 2:28. 132: Ivan Alessio, VHI, forf. . 138: Michael Duncan, VHI, forf. . 145: Tyler Horton, VHI, forf. . 152: Joshua Faustlin, VHI, pinned Alexander Vestal, SHER, 1:12. 160: Curtis Quick, SHER, pinned Avery Crocker, VHI, 1:45. 170: Hunter Davis, SHER, pinned Leeland Lityma, VHI, 2:30. 182: Carlos Cubas, VHI, pinned Chance Landsman, SHER, 2:36. 195: Derek Scott, SHER, pinned Demetrius Winston, VHI, 1:24. 220: Demerick Fruean, VHI, pinned Kaleb Leimkuehler, SHER, 1:40. 285: Junior Ulberg, VHI, pinned Humphreys Jacob, SHER, 0:47.

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