Belton man charged after assaulting officers

bbashioum@demo-mo.comFebruary 14, 2014 

A 23-year-old Belton man has been charged after he assaulted two police officers last month.

Prosecutors have charged Aaron Johnson after he sent two Belton police officers to the hospital after a property dispute in the 700 block of Second Street Jan. 26.

According to a probable cause statement, Officer Graeme Glasgow was dispatched to a vacant residence after neighbors called police when they saw Johnson acting suspicious in the front yard of the property.

Glasgow approached the suspect, who immediately began assaulting him as they became engaged in a physical argument.

Officer Mike Davis arrived to the scene shortly after receiving a request for assistance, and was also assaulted by the suspect.

Johnson allegedly punched Glasgow in the face. The officer had O.C. spray in his hand, but dropped the canister after being hit. Johnson then picked the spray up off the ground.

Davis used his Taser on Johnson, but Johnson pulled the probes out immediately before punching the officer.

More officers arrived and attempted to secure Johnson, but the suspect continued to resist and would not comply with the officers’ verbal and physical commands to put his hands behind his back.

Johnson was hit with a Taser three more times before he fell to the ground and taken into custody. After several attempts, police were able to secure him in handcuffs.

The injured officers were transported to Belton Regional Medical Center for treatment and were later released.

Investigators believe Johnson may have used a bicycle peg to strike the officers.

Glasgow suffered a laceration near his eye, a broken nose and an injury to his shoulder. Davis received abrasions on his face, head, both knees and injury to his shoulder as well.

During questioning, Johnson told investigators that because he assumed the house was vacant, he could live there.

He also told police that he was bipolar and hadn’t been taking his medications.

Johnson has been charged with two counts of assaulting a law enforcement officer in the second-degree, along with resisting arrest.

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