Feb. 21 Community News & Notes

February 21, 2014 

East Lynne

By Mischaele Bearce

• East Lynne Fire Department had four medicals for the week. Most were for lifting assistance only. Gustafson will be here this week to do reports and medical questions/training.

• Get well to Thelma O’Bannon who had a stroke last weekend. She is out of the hospital now and doing rehab.

• Get well to Dillion Meins and Les Powell who both had heart attacks and had to have stents put in.

• East Lynne School will celebrate the 100th day of school this week, which means the students have been to school 100 days so far this school year.

• Happy birthday to Jess Smalley, Joseph Crostley, Billy Weatherman, Blake Powell, Jon Cearley, Mike Warren, Sydney Lamborn, Kennedy Smalley, Nancy Cantrell, Nancy Lawson, Anthony Harralson, Amy Meins, Kyan Rowe, Anthony Faulkenberry, Brysen Kern, Janet Daniels, Gayle Schmoll and Larry Guggisberg.

West Line

By Gail Lyon

• The West Line Christian Valentine Dinner and Movie was a success. I’m not sure of the count. I ate dinner and watched the movie. The food was great, pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad or cole slaw, and red velvet cake or white cake. The movie was “Last Ounce of Courage.” Some of the scenes were shot in Paola, Kan. The congregation wants to send our heartfelt thanks to everyone that attended and a special thanks to the ones that worked so hard at making this a big success.

• I got a Valentine’s Day card for Barry and Carla Lyon and put in a ticket for the church dinner and movie. I also got a card for Tim and his girlfriend, Sara Davis, for the dinner and movie. They came to the church and ate dinner. Barry and Carla brought their son, Codey Lyon, and his girlfriend, Kyla. They all said it was a delicious meal. My grandkids spent the night Feb. 15. We had a great weekend.

• On Valentine’s Day, Carla brought me two beautiful boxes, one had divinity in it, the other had a chocolate-covered strawberry drizzled with white chocolate. They were beautiful and the best divinity I had in a very long time.

• The annual meeting of the Glenwild Cemetery Association will be Sunday Feb. 23. It will begin at 2 p.m. at the West Line community building. Anyone interested in the cemetery is invited to attend the meeting.

• Happy Birthday: Josh Barrett, Ila Chastain, Samatha Powell 24th, and Izzy Richardson 26th. George Washington’s was 22nd.

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