3-14 Letter to the Editor

March 14, 2014 

Dear Editor:

Religious freedom is under attack in America. It is under attack in many ways but the redefinition of marriage is now front and center in the fight. Several states have been considering legislation that would allow individuals to withhold their services on religious grounds. Laws like these shouldn't be needed because the First Amendment already guarantees the free exercise of religion.

Unfortunately, that isn't enough to stop some individual’s rights from being violated so these state legislatures have attempted address this issue. For example, these laws would allow any number of people whether they are bakers, photographers, florists, or anyone else to decline to provide their services for a same-sex wedding because their religious beliefs are that marriage is an institution created by God for one man and one woman to be joined together. Many people have a different view and both sides can disagree with respect toward each other on a personal level. That is what life in a free country should be like.

Unfortunately, America is becoming less free all the time. There are examples from across the country where people have been forced to violate their beliefs or face a penalty. Why would anyone use the hammer of government to force someone to violate their beliefs, to provide him or her with a service that they do not want to provide when they could find someone else to do it that has no objections? I can think of only one reason, to bully those that they disagree with. Why else would anyone put someone else in that position? Logic would lead one to believe that if someone objected to someone else’s wedding that those participants would not want that person there in the first place. That would be the respectful thing to do. Some people think they have the right to use government force against their fellow citizen, they do not. The gay rights movement has successfully portrayed itself as the victim. It has largely achieved “tolerance,” acceptance and also celebration.

Are you an aging mediocre NBA player or a projected middle round NFL draft prospect and want to become of national hero in the eyes of the media? Just tell the world what you do in the bedroom. We all should respect each other’s rights to their beliefs. Not using the hammer of government against your neighbor should be a given in doing that.

Jay Bennett


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