Support transportation plan

March 21, 2014 

How much would you pay each year to make sure you were driving on the best streets possible in Harrisonville?

Maybe $25? Even $50?

The City of Harrisonville is coming to the voters to ask for approval of a 10-year street improvement plan.

And voters should give the city the long-awaited nod to do so.

While it is natural to be skeptical of some plans that include a tax increase, the city of Harrisonville has clearly and pointedly laid out the plan for this half-cent sales tax.

Money in is equal to money out to not only resurface every street in Harrisonville, but to also reconstruct six of the most heavily traveled roads.

This tax money also holds the promise of more and better sidewalks. Those equate to the quality of life in town, safety of our children and connectivity of communities.

There is also a promise to use part of these funds to build storm inlets and drainage channels to better help during times of heavy rains.

That’s a lot packed in to just half of a penny.

What voters need to know when they go to the polls April 8 is that the promises from city leaders are going to be followed through with.

Based on the information that is going out from City Hall, we believe it will be.

Approving this transportation tax is like giving a facelift to Harrisonville.

Sure, there will be some growing pains as the repairs are done, but a before and after snapshot, from now until 2024, should tell the story of a well-planned and well-executed tax meant to enhance this community.

Better streets and sidewalks encourage a healthy lifestyle, neighborhood involvement and could even lead to a boost in economic development around Harrisonville.

Voting on tax increases can be a leap of faith.

In this case, it seems the time is long overdue to pass this measure.

We encourage a hearty “yes” at the polls on April 8.

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