Garden City Aldermen questionnaires

March 21, 2014 

1. What does your city need to do to position itself for future economic growth?

Marsha French: Work with the local businesses in creating a Chamber of Commerce to make the public aware of community needs to entice new businesses to Garden City. The creation of a brochure to market the community to industry and small businesses should assist in the outreach needed to accomplish our goals.

Alvin Poisal: On an ongoing basis, implement city’s comprehensive plan; City’s elected, appointed and hired officials take the lead in facilitating growth to the fullest extent possible on an ongoing basis. Utilize tax increment financing, enhanced enterprise zone, grants, state and county agencies, etc.

2. What leadership skills should an Aldermen/Councilman bring to office?

Marsha French: They should possess skills in communication, teamwork, decision-making, problem solving, negotiation, goal setting, strategizing and prioritizing. With all of the leadership skills listed, the alderman will be able to provide the community with solution to the needs of the individual and the community as a whole. Even though it is not a leadership skill, the aldermen should be a person who is concerned with the community’s past, present and future

As part of my responsibilities as a human resources specialist, I was tasked with the creation, simplification, and implementing of new processes, finding new ways to do what is currently being done, and responsible for researching and implementing federal regulations, laws and rules. I was the person contacted to answer questions regarding the federal regulations on a multitude of subjects, chaired several committees to implement changes, and created/taught several training sessions to new personnel staffs.

Alvin Poisal: An elected official should always have in mind and be guided by what is in the best interest of the community as a whole. Elected officials set the tone for the city and st the general policy and direction for the city. Some of the main skills needed are in the areas of collaboration, teamwork, compromise, communication and public relations.

3. What improvements need to be made to your city’s services, if any?

Marsha French: No matter how big or small the city, it is always a work in progress. Bringing in new businesses to the community will provide more revenue to the city so that improvements can be made on all city services. Utilities and streets are always in need of repair, maintenance and replacement.

Alvin Poisal: Ongoing improvement in communication and public relations; police (additional resources, ongoing improvement, public relations, investigations - including collaboration with outside agencies and utilization of outside resources) and following through and reporting back to those who file reports to the fullest extent possible and allowable; utilities, streets, and parks and recreation.

More detailed planning needed in these areas: maintenance, replacement and expansion, pursuing grants whenever feasible. Ongoing encouragement/facilitation of growth. Business/industry growth, in particular. Thus, enhancing sales tax and property tax bases allowing for more funding for all public services.

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